new speakers | November 20, 2012

Adam Alter: Small Environmental Cues Can Change How We Behave

The Lavin Agency is pleased to welcome our new exclusive speaker, Adam Alter. At NYU’s Psychology Department and Stern School of Business, Alter researches how external influences—such as the weather, geography, colors and location—have a deep impact on our consciousness. His forthcoming book, Drunk Tank Pink, focuses on the intersection between the psychology of judgement and decision making, and our marketing techniques and behavioural economics.

In fascinating talks, Alter describes how even the tiniest environmental cues affect our emotional, physical, and mental processes. He provides deep insight into the way our surroundings infiltrate our actions and reactions—right down to the names we assign to things, and the symbols and images we create on a daily basis. How we can use this information to work smarter, lead better and live more cognitively healthy lives? Alter provides an eye-opening look at the complex relationship between our inner monologue and the sights and sounds of the outside world, and gives tips on what needs to be done to our policies, our consumer tactics and even our infrastructures in order to bring more balance to our lives.