education | September 30, 2013

A "Total Success": Praise For An Education Keynote By Scott Barry Kaufman

Scott Barry Kaufman just gave a talk at the State University of New York at Geneseo—and one of the organizers said it was "a complete and total success in every possible way!" As the keynote speaker for the All-College Hour Distinguished Speaker lecture, Kaufman presented insight from his new book Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined. He shared anecdotes from his own experiences as being labeled "ungifted," and, why we need a new model of conventional wisdom surrounding human potential.

Part of that shift revolves around changing the way we use intelligence tests. Kaufman says they often don't give the whole picture, and, can be more detrimental than helpful when they are used solely as a means to categorize and label children. “I want to shift the focus from comparing people to each other to comparing people to their past and future selves,” he explained in his speech. “The focus is on the whole person." Further, he stressed that “potential is a constantly moving target [and] we need to rethink potential as readiness for engagement a certain place in time.”

Kaufman's takeaways don't just apply to students in the early stages of their learning careers, either. “I want college students and adults to realize the potential within themselves—the ability to succeed,” he said in the talk. “I want them to realize that often we don’t know how close we are to success. I want to inspire people to believe in the qualities that they can build on in order to find a place for themselves in the world.” Kaufman says it’s time to focus on a practical approach to individual needs that enables people  to unlock their potential and reach their goals, whether at school or in the boardroom.

In keynotes like this one, Kaufman brings a fresh approach to fostering creativity and harnessing potential. To hire Scott Barry Kaufman as a speaker for your next event, contact The Lavin Agency Speakers Bureau.

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