marketing | September 12, 2011

A Persuasive Book From Dragons' Den Judge Arlene Dickinson

Anyone can be persuasive. Disagree—says Arlene Dickinson in her new book, out now, fittingly titled Persuasion—and you've already shown how good you are at the art of sway. In her much-anticipated first book, Dickinson showcases the same unique combination—warmth and razor sharp business acumen—she conveys on television, where she’s a judge on the top-rated Dragons' Den. Through compelling entertaining personal stories, Persuasion is Dickinson’s primer on how to exert influence in boardrooms and beyond. Using tips from the marketing trade, Dickinson teaches you how to listen, how to sell ideas, how to deal with skeptics, how to turn the tide on errors, and how to see beyond the impossible.

Armed only with a high school diploma, Dickinson took over Venture Communications—one of Canada's largest and most successful marketing firms—following a ten year rags-to-riches ascent, and she is now a regular face on Profit Magazine's annual Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs. Her marketing star-power continues to shine through as a keynote speaker: her frank, relatable and insightful talks continue to draw capacity audiences comprised of interested onlookers, fans, entrepreneurs, and the elite of the business world.

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