education | February 13, 2013

A Lifetime Of Achievement: The U.S. Senate Honors Bill Strickland

Bill Strickland's contributions to education and his community are about to be recognized in a big way. U.S. Senator Bob Casey is holding a symposium in Strickland's honor on Feb. 25. The Senator will give a speech and discuss the tremendous work that Strickland has done for those not just in Pittsburgh, but to the nation as a whole. The award will commemorate Black History Month and recognize Strickland's incredible journey to becoming Founder, President, and CEO of Manchester Bidwell Corporation (MBC). He now helps others follow in his footsteps.

In his work at MBC and in his rousing keynotes, Strickland promotes a powerful idea: everyone can achieve greatness and overcome their obstacles if they are given the support and tools to do so. Environment, he says, shapes people's lives. When you understand what roadblocks someone faces, it is then possible to help them surpass them. A person's social or economic status does not determine their ability to succeed, he argues. When asked to comment on being awarded this prestigious honor Strickland says that he "hopes it leads more people to recognize what an impact one hopeful person can have on a struggling community." He was able to make a better life not only for himself, but for countless others, and he urges his audiences to have the confidence in themselves to do the same.

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