science | May 15, 2011

A Guardian of Evolution, Kenneth Miller Wins Stephen Jay Gould Prize

We are pleased to announce that Kenneth Miller—one of the foremost figures in evolutionary science today—is the recipient of the 2011 Stephen Jay Gould Prize. The Prize recognizes "individuals whose sustained and exemplary efforts have advanced public understanding of evolutionary science and its importance in biology, education, and everyday life." Known as "America's public guardian of evolution," Miller is a Brown University professor, a repeat Colbert Report guest, and the author of several books (including, most recently, It's Only a Theory) that have made an immeasurable contribution to debates on intelligent design, Darwinism, and the intersection of science and religion. The Lavin Agency would like to congratulate Kenneth Miller on this very special honor!

In his talks, Miller deftly dissects the arguments of the intelligent design movement; despite wonky science, this movement has nonetheless succeeded in casting doubt on evolution to a largely unscientific public. Nothing less than America's "soul"—its place as the world's leading scientific nation—is at risk, says Miller. But he's not pessimistic. He sees the national debate as an opportunity for public understanding—a moment when support for science can be redeemed. In offering the definitive, ironclad, and in its own way, beautiful, argument for the theory of evolution, Miller's talks show you how America can, and why it must, save its scientific soul.

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