technology | September 25, 2019

The Future of Social Care: Anab Jain Explores the Role of Technology in New Short

The social care system in the UK is in crisis, with many care workers currently paid less than a living wage, and a projected shortage of 400,000 workers in the next decade. Technology is paraded as a bright, seamlessly integrated solution—but what are the realities of such a system? Entrepreneur Anab Jain seeks to find out. 

‘2025: A Better Care Future’ is the latest project from the speculative design lab Superflux, founded by Anab Jain. The short film reimagines the social care system reconfigured in our changing technological, social, political and economic contexts. Far from  a “glossy utopia,” the short “portrays a more realistic— maybe even mundane—‘frictionful’ near future in which technology itself doesn’t quite work and needs human support.”


Despite the leaps and bounds of technology, the reality is that it will never be a complete solution. “Technologies may solve problems, but the need for human connection is an eternal and essential requirement that can never be replaced. Whatever technology-based systems we build to help us care for each other must incorporate this idea at their core.”


Watch the film and learn more about the project here.


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