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3 Types Of Social Shoppers: Speaker Alexandra Samuel Talks Online Buying

Thanks to the findings from a whitepaper from Alexandra Samuel and Vision Critical, it's been proven that investing in social does indeed translate into sales. Samuel, VP of Social Media at Vision Critical and a highly-requested keynote speaker on digital media, also has the answer to the inevitable follow-up question to this report. We know social works, but how do we ensure we're translating our social investment into sales? The first step, she says in the Harvard Business Review, is to understand the different kinds of social shoppers.

She's identified three distinct "tribes" of social media shoppers:

  • Questers: Questers account for about 20-25% of social purchasers on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. These are the shoppers who share products on social media that they have already decided they're going to purchase.

  • Leapers: These consumers share items on social media that they hadn't thought about purchasing previous to sharing it. Most often, these types of consumers can be found on Pinterest. 

  • Thinkers: They share items that they are vaguely contemplating buying. They have thought of the product before sharing but haven't made the decision to purchase it yet.

"For marketers, the opportunity of social lies in the ability to reach and inspire the 'thinkers' and 'leapers,'" Samuel writes, "to find and drive sales from people who might never otherwise move from interest to commitment." She suggests enacting a campaign that encourages consumers to share your content, and, monitoring your social presence to identify the "thinkers" and "leapers." Then, you can steer the conversation toward purchasing your product over a competitor's. How do you do that? "Conversation is what makes people change their minds and that’s potentially transformative," Samuel says in a Vancouver Sun profile. You need to ask your customers about their social sharing habits, she explains, and inquire as to how sharing affects their decision to purchase. "We have an extraordinary ability to share knowledge and have conversations together,” she adds. Social media not only drives sales, it helps you get your products to the consumers who will benefit from them the most.

Samuel's conference and event speeches are customizable to fit the needs of each client she speaks to. Whether you need help navigating the social media landscape, or, you're in the game already but want to go that extra mile, contact The Lavin Agency to book Alexandra Samuel for your next keynote event.

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