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2017 Book Preview: The Hottest New Titles in Business, Tech, Politics, Culture, and More

Readers rejoice! Below, we round up some of the most anticipated books of the first half of 2017. Discover new works by Matt Taibbi, Shawn Micallef, Scott Sonenshein, Derek Thompson, MJ Hegar, Adam Alter, Daniel Lerner, Anthony Tjan, David Kwong, Douglas Stephens, and Helen Papagiannis.

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A New America: Democracy and Truth, Post-Trump 

  • speaker-matt-taibbi-insane-clown-president-1

In Insane Clown President (now available), Rolling Stone journalist and New York Times bestselling author Matt Taibbi delivers a scathing record of the 2016 presidential election—both a surreal post-mortem and a vital look ahead as the new guard takes over. It’s a hilarious and eye-opening book, covering compromised democracy, spectacle over substance, and what role our media played in that collapse (after all, Taibbi writes—it was America that made Trump unstoppable).


                                                                                                      * * *


The Cities of Tomorrow: Celebrating New Urban Innovations

  • speaker-shawn-micallef-frontier-city-1

In Frontier City (Feb.), Shawn Micallef offers an urban model for cities worldwide—a story of energized communities, urban- and suburban dialogue, and innovative solutions to racism, poverty, violence, and more. It’s a book about inequality, wealth, populism, geography, and why these issues are worth fighting for—and what makes Canadian cities routine models for creativity and growth. Leveraging extensive work on urban renewal, Frontier City provides a new framework for how our major centers can prosper.  


                                                                                                      * * *


Stretch, Don’t Chase: How to Do More with What’s at Hand 

  • speaker-scott-sonenshein-stretch

Acclaimed business school professor and consultant Scott Sonenshein has discovered something extraordinary: that having the biggest budgets, most talented teams, and most extensive experience doesn’t always add up to success. In fact, in his original and illuminating book Stretch (Feb.), he argues that the key to building better organizations is all in making smarter use of what we already have. You don’t need to be huge to find value, fulfillment, or prestige—you just need to learn how to stretch.


                                                                                                      * * *


The Science of Popularity: What Makes a Hit—and How Culture Actually Happens 

  • speaker-derek-thompson-hit-makers

Why do some things become popular, while other wither in obscurity? To Atlantic senior editor Derek Thompson, mass popularity is far from accidental—and things don’t just ‘go viral.’ In Hit Makers (Feb.), Thompson outlines the complex blend of psychology, power, art, marketing, and economics that captures human attention and makes for everything from bubblegum ear-worms to blockbuster films. Understand the hidden story of the next major trend, before it takes off.


                                                                                                      * * *


Front-Line Resilience: Finding the Courage to Change the World  

  • speaker-mj-hegar-shoot-like-a-girl

Major MJ Hegar is a hero—a Purple-heart decorated pilot and the determined soldier who won women the right to serve on the front lines (for the first time). Now, in Shoot Like a Girl (March), Hegar tells a story of grit, teamwork, sacrifice, and courage—a stirring memoir that not only covers life-and-death military operations, but how individual advocacy can change enormous institutions. Soon to be a major motion picture (starring Angelina Jolie!), Shoot Like a Girl reminds us that we’re all capable of incredible things. 


                                                                                                      * * *


Addictive Technology: Why We’re Hooked—and How to Break the Habit 

  • speaker-adam-alter-irresistible

Addiction is nothing new. But today, it’s technology that saps our attention. Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Instagram, apps, and games keep us glued to our screens. We’re all hooked, writes Adam Alter in Irresistible (March)—but that’s the result of tech companies and marketers, who design their products with predictable human psychology in mind. With Alter, you and your team can learn the latest insights in behavioral addiction—and how you can reclaim, and command, attention.


                                                                                                      * * *

Find Your Passion: Achieving Harmony and Happiness on Campus (and Beyond)

  • daniel lerner u thrive

It’s no wonder that Daniel Lerner’s NYU course, “The Science of Happiness,” is the most popular elective at the school. With fierce intelligence and genuine passion—the kind of energy everyone wants in a teacher, and mentor—Lerner helps students not only get better grades, overcome anxiety, and adjust to college life, but actually become the people they really want to be. His first book U Thrive: How to Succeed in College (and Life) (April) is just that: a science- and psychology-informed guidebook for anyone looking to discover their strengths, flourish in tough situations, and attain that ever-elusive quality: happiness.


                                                                                                      * * *

Growing Good: The People- and Values-Driven Advantage

  • speaker-anthony-tjan-good-people

We’ve all heard that organizations are only as good as their people. But in his new book Good People (April), entrepreneur and venture capitalist Anthony Tjan proves it. Drawing upon an extraordinary cast of innovators, executives, artists, and role models, Tjan offers a transformative framework to lead with goodness. He shows how having the right people—and the right values—is not only the most important leadership decision you can make, but the most critical competitive advantage we can have. Period.


                                                                                                      * * *


The Art of Illusion: How to be One (or Two, or Three …) Steps Ahead of Everyone Else

  • speaker-david-kwong-spellbound-1

Illusion is an ancient art—and the most successful leaders are all high-powered illusionists, masters of control and command. In Spellbound (May), famed New York Times puzzle builder, TED speaker, and Hollywood consultant David Kwong unveils the seven fundamental principles of illusion: psychological rules that anyone can use to sell ideas, products, skills—and people. With astounding insights, Kwong helps us change minds, sway opinions, and achieve like never before.


                                                                                                      * * *


Retail, Re-engineered: Adapting to the Post-Digital Marketplace 

  • speaker-douglas-stephens-reengineering-retail

Douglas Stephens—renowned consumer futurist—is poised to launch another must-read exploration of the retail world with Reengineering Retail (May). Online giants have transformed how we shop—and changed the very nature of ‘the store,’ permanently. As retailers, how do you adapt, stay relevant, and embrace the digital zeitgeist? Sales and marketing executives can’t afford to pass up Stephens’ latest—a plugged-in study of what the post-digital world means for brands, both local and global.


                                                                                                      * * *


Augmented Reality: We’re Using It Every Day 

  • speaker-helen-papagiannis-augmented-human

Dr. Helen Papagiannis’ book Augmented Human (July) is a collection of prescient dispatches, spanning a decade of research, all from the frontier of Augmented Reality (AR)—a rapidly growing industry that’s changing the way we live, work, and play. No longer a distant promise, AR is here, and transforming business, design, and culture now. Dr. Papagiannis’ book is heralded as the AR guidebook, released at a critical juncture of this cutting-edge technology.


                                                                                                      * * *


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