cities | June 10, 2013

2013 Creativity 50: Cities Speaker Candy Chang Makes The Top 10

Cities speaker Candy Chang proves you don't need expensive, high-tech devices to transform public spaces. That's why she made the 2013 Creativity 50 list this year. Creativity is a website that features the best in design, advertising, and digital creativity. Chang made it into the top ten this year. "Candy Chang's art serves as a wake-up call in our fast-paced digital age," Creativity notes. "Armed with little more than chalk, labels or post-it notes, she transforms nondescript urban spaces into compelling works that inspire the often device-obsessed masses to engage with each other, and the world around them." 

Chang acquired international recognition for her "Before I Die" installation. She challenged passers-by to write the top item of their bucket list on a giant chalkboard in a public space. What started as a small project in New Orleans has now been translated into 15 languages in over 40 different countries. Next up for the Senior TED Fellow is something called "The School of the Future." In this installation, she invites people to think about education and how schools shape who we are. In her touching keynotes, Chang shares her inspiring work with audiences the world over. She teaches us that public spaces can be vital tools for improving our communities. Her work shows how the simplest acts can have the greatest impact in changing our cities for the better.