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Public health is everyone’s concern. Whether promoting healthy behaviors to improve quality of life, or working on a global scale to combat pandemics and deadly viruses, these speakers bring an informed, compassionate perspective to every public health conversation.

Public Health
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Dr. Richard Heinzl

Founder of Doctors Without Borders, Canada

Richard Heinzl is the founder of Doctors Without Borders Canada: the Nobel Peace Prize-winning organization that has inspired a movement among medical professionals to help the world’s most vulnerable...

Jessica Green

TED Senior Fellow | Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder of Phylagen

How can we create sustainable cities and healthier buildings—including classrooms, hospitals, offices, and homes—by studying microbes? TED Senior Fellow Jessica Green explains how in visually rich tal...

Laurie Garrett

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Speaker on Ebola, Zika, Global Health, and Prevention

Laurie Garrett is one of America’s most trusted speakers on global public health, infectious disease, and, recently, the Ebola crisis and the emerging Zika virus. The only person to win the three P’s ...

Mark Schatzker

Author of The Dorito Effect

Mark Schatzker has found a radical new way to talk about food and health—and it’s all about flavor. In The Dorito Effect (“Illuminating”—The New York Times) he shows how taste and nutrition don’t have...

Dr. Samantha Nutt

Humanitarian, Founder of War Child Canada and War Child USA, and Bestselling Author of Damned Nations

Dr. Samantha Nutt is an award-winning humanitarian, bestselling author and acclaimed public speaker. A medical doctor and a founder of the renowned international humanitarian organization War Child, D...

Dr. Jennifer Gardy

Guest Host of The Nature of Things

Jennifer Gardy’s enthusiasm for science is refreshing. Called “the new Suzuki” by The Globe and Mail, she is a senior scientist at the BC Centre for Disease Control and was guest host for one of the h...

Gina Kolata

New York Times Reporter for Science and Medicine; Author of Mercies in Disguise, Rethinking Thin, Ultimate Fitness, and Flu

Gina Kolata demystifies the science of personal health. The author of six books, including 2017’s Mercies in Disguise, Kolata’s acclaimed writing and front page New York Times stories—on stem cell res...

Nathan Wolfe

Expert on the spread of pandemics worldwide

The Indiana Jones of virus hunting, Nathan Wolfe travels the world to track, study, and eradicate the next pandemic before it strikes. One of Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World, this Vira...

Andrew Ramlo

Vice President of Market Intelligence, The Rennie Group

What does our changing population look like? How can you connect with an evolving consumer base? One of our most well-known demographers, urbanists, and planning consultants, Andrew Ramlo looks at wha...