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Lavin takes great pride in our roster of education speakers. They deliver smart, counterintuitive, and practical solutions to our flawed education system—solutions that help administrators, teachers, and, most of all, our students.

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Salman Khan

Founder & CEO of The Khan Academy | Author of The One World School House

Sal Khan is the founder of the Khan Academy, a nonprofit with the mission of providing free, world-class education to “anyone, anywhere.” Khan Academy has over 52 million registered users across 190 c...

Angela Duckworth

Pioneering Researcher on Grit, Perseverance, and the Science of Success

Angela Duckworth, the New York Times bestselling author of Grit, reveals the importance of character to success in school and in life. Her work on grit and self-control is in high demand, especially, in the education sector.

Paul Tough

Bestselling Author of How Children Succeed and Helping Children Succeed

Paul Tough challenges the belief that intelligence, endlessly measured by test scores, is the sole predictor of how well a child will do in school and in life. In his bestselling book How Children Suc...

Khalil Gibran Muhammad

Professor of History, Race and Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School

One of the most respected authorities on racial justice in America, Khalil Gibran Muhammad is redefining our understanding of diversity. Former Director of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black C...

David Yeager

Expert in Grit and Growth Mindset | Asst Prof. of Developmental Psychology at University of Texas, Austin

To achieve, we need more than inborn ability—we need the right mindset. David Yeager is a leading expert in grit, performance, and the growth mindset: the belief that we can change, adapt, and make pr...

Anders Ericsson

Author of Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise

What makes an expert? To Anders Ericsson—the world’s foremost authority on expertise—it’s less about in-born ability than about deliberate, purposeful practice. Over decades of original research, Eric...

Bill Strickland

An Extraordinary Business and Community Leader

For thirty years, Bill Strickland has used his innovative arts and training centers to transform the lives of thousands of impoverished adults and teenagers. A commanding speaker, his resonant message...

Elizabeth Green

Author of New York Times Bestseller Building a Better Teacher

Great teachers have the power to change students’ lives—we just need to give them the right tools. Elizabeth Green is the author of New York Times bestseller Building a Better Teacher, a groundbreakin...

Nikole Hannah-Jones

New York Times Magazine Staff Writer | Winner of the National Magazine Award

Nikole Hannah-Jones is a National Magazine Award-winning journalist, writing on modern day civil rights for The New York Times Magazine. Her widely read articles on segregated housing and schools, as ...

Pedro Noguera

Expert on Public Education in America

A dynamic speaker, Pedro Noguera is one of America’s most important voices for healthy public education, focusing on the ways in which schools are influenced by social and economic conditions in urban...

Scott Barry Kaufman

Scientific Director of The Imagination Institute

Can intelligence be viewed in terms that reflect difference rather than difficulty? Scientific Director of The Imagination Institute and author of Ungifted and Wired to Create, SCOTT BARRY KAUFMAN cha...

Daniel Lerner

Instructor of NYU’s “The Science of Happiness” | Author of U Thrive

As instructor of the ever-popular NYU course, “The Science of Happiness,” and as author of U Thrive, Daniel Lerner is using positive psychology to help people lead happy lives. Using cutting-edge rese...

Emily Bazelon

Speaker on Bullying and Author of Sticks and Stones

Emily Bazelon is the author of Sticks and Stones, a major contribution to the national conversation on bullying. Clear-eyed and accessible, Stones was hailed in The New York Times as an “authoritative...

Ed Boland

Author of The Battle for Room 314

Ed Boland left a career as a fundraising exec to become a teacher at a tough NYC school. He wasn’t successful. But his experience taught him that we’ll only improve our most troubled public schools wh...

Juliette LaMontagne

TED Fellow, Founder of Breaker

TED Fellow Juliette LaMontagne is pushing education further—outside of the classroom. A former New York City high school teacher, LaMontagne is the founder of Breaker, a social innovation program in w...

Heather Payne

Founder of Ladies Learning Code and HackerYou

Why should we care about how technology really works? Why aren’t more women and youth learning how to code? Heather Payne is asking—and answering—these essential questions. Payne is the founder of Lad...

Karl Subban

Leadership Speaker, Educator, and Father of NHL Star P.K. Subban

Karl Subban is a former school principal in one of Toronto’s toughest neighbourhoods, and the father of five children, including three NHL players. He’s dedicated his life to helping others reach thei...

Margot Lee Shetterly

Author of Hidden Figures: the #1 New York Times bestseller, and inspiration for the #1 movie.

Margot Lee Shetterly’s Hidden Figures—a #1 NYT bestseller and inspiration for the #1 movie in America—is the true story of the black women mathematicians at NASA who helped fuel some of America’s grea...

Sarah Prevette

Innovation Speaker, Founder of Future Design School

“Fall in love with the problem you’re solving—not the solution,” says entrepreneur Sarah Prevette. The founder of Sprouter and BetaKit and co-star of Quit Your Day Job, a new reality show about entrep...

Dr. Alex Russell

Author of Drop the Worry Ball

Dr. Alex Russell is a clinical psychologist who helps children develop resilience and their own personal relationship with school and achievement. At the heart of his message—and his book, Drop the Wo...

John Maeda

Global Head, Computational Design and Inclusion at Automattic

John Maeda is a world-renowned artist, graphic designer, computer scientist, educator, and investor whose career reflects his philosophy of humanizing technology. For more than a decade, he has worked...

Jordan Ellenberg

Author of How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking

How early should you get to the airport? Why do tall parents have shorter children? What’s the best way to get rich playing the lottery? In his “refreshingly lucid” (The New York Times) bestseller How...

Jennifer Corriero

Co-Founder of TakingIT Global & Expert on the Net Generation

Jennifer Corriero is the co-founder of TakingITGlobal—one of the world’s first social networks—which engages hundreds of thousands of youths around the world to make a difference in their communities....

Judit Polgár

The Greatest Female Chess Player of All Time

Judit Polgár is widely recognized as the greatest female chess player of all time. At age 11, she beat her first Grandmaster. At 15, she became one, shattering Bobby Fischer’s previous record in the p...

Michael Furdyk

Co-founder of TakingIT Global

Michael Furdyk is the Co-founder and Director of Technology for TakingITGlobal.org, a global online community engaging hundreds of thousands of youth in over 200 countries and territories. With the ab...

Dr. Jennifer Gardy

Guest Host of The Nature of Things

Jennifer Gardy’s enthusiasm for science is refreshing. Called “the new Suzuki” by The Globe and Mail, she is a senior scientist at the BC Centre for Disease Control and was guest host for one of the h...

Amber MacArthur

Relentless Adaptation Speaker and Writer for Fast Company

Amber MacArthur talks about relentless adaptation and the accelerating pace of corporate culture in the digital economy. At the forefront of the digital revolution, she helps companies adapt to, antic...