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Our speakers see the whole picture—how trade, finance, and labor are no longer defined by geography, but are international in scope. Touching on risk, security, diplomacy, and wealth, these experts offer a truly global perspective.

Global Economy
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Daron Acemoglu

Author of Why Nations Fail | One of the 20 Most Cited Economists in the World

In the face of increasing automation, we’ve been far too complacent, argues M.I.T.’s Daron Acemoglu. We’re at a tipping point. Either we close the skills gap and prepare for the future of work—for the...

Joseph Stiglitz

Internationally Renowned Economist and Author of The Price of Inequality

The world’s financial markets will rebound, but how do we ensure the same mistakes aren’t made twice? In engaging, frank talks, Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz offers an in-depth analysis of today’...

James Fallows

The Atlantic’s First Europe Editor at Its International Bureau

The first-ever Europe Editor for The Atlantic, James Fallows is one of the world’s most respected journalists. Today, he’s reporting on how America is putting itself back together in the wake of reces...

James Robinson

Noted Economist and Political Scientist, co-author of Why Nations Fail

James Robinson—the co-author of the hard-hitting book, Why Nations Fail—knows why some countries are richer, healthier, and more prosperous than others. In his keynotes, Robinson delves into real-worl...

Nouriel Roubini

Cofounder and Chairman, Roubini Global Economics and NYU Professor

Keynote speaker Nouriel Roubini is an economist of massive influence—an expert on why global economic crises happen, and the actions we can take to prevent them. Named one of Foreign Policy’s 100 Glob...

Deborah Fallows

Linguist, Author, and China Expert

The author of Dreaming in Chinese, Deborah Fallows spent the last few years absorbing the culture, the politics, and the people of China to offer talks that give a refreshingly different take of the w...

Raj Chetty

Economist and MacArthur Genius studying economic inequality

Raj Chetty studies some of the core issues of American society—equality, education, and government policy—through the powerful lens of economics. A recent winner of the John Bates Clark Medal for best...

Ian Bremmer

Creator of the Wall Street Global Political Risk Index

Ian Bremmer is the president and founder of Eurasia Group, the leading global political risk research and consulting firm. In 1998, Bremmer founded Eurasia Group with just $25,000. Today, the company ...

Niall Ferguson

Economics Speaker, Author of The Great Degeneration

One of the world's most influential commentators on geopolitics, finance, power, and the global economy, Niall Ferguson's talks are as eloquent as they are electrifying, combining his thirst for knowl...

Euvin Naidoo

Expert on Emerging Markets, Innovation, and Winning the War for Talent

Euvin Naidoo is an authority on emerging markets—any place where transformational change (and economic opportunities) can no longer be ignored by western companies. One of Forbes’ 10 Most Powerful Men...

Michael Casey

Bitcoin, Blockchain & “Fintech” Expert, Co-Author of The Age of Cryptocurrency and The Social Organism

As Senior Advisor to MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative and co-author of The Age of Cryptocurrency, Michael Casey demystifies the blockchain: the decentralized record-keeping system driving the bitcoin...

Sophal Ear

Author, Refugee, and Expert in Diplomacy and World Affairs

Sophal Ear escaped the Khmer Rouge thanks to his mother’s determination and moved to the US at the age of ten. He’s overcome both genocide and poverty to become a world-renowned expert on war, peace, ...

Anastasia Lin

Human Rights Advocate, Award-winning Actress, Miss World Canada 2015 and 2016

Miss World Canada. Award-winning actor. Human rights advocate. Anastasia Lin shatters simplistic categories. With characteristic intelligence—and with rare bravery—she commands global attention for he...