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Canadian Economy Speakers


Whether offering insights on the Loonie, U.S. relations, energy, debt, foreign trade, or more, these speakers—economists, researchers, demographers, and politicians alike—have their fingers on the pulse of the Canadian economy.

Canadian Economy
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Shachi Kurl

Executive Director of the Angus Reid Institute

Where are we heading—culturally, politically, economically? As the Executive Director of the Angus Reid Institute, Shachi Kurl asks important questions and reveals what we really think about them. She...

Todd Hirsch

Chief Economist at ATB Financial | Author of Spiders in Space and The Boiling Frog Dilemma

ATB Financial’s Chief Economist Todd Hirsch is one of the country’s most sought-after speakers on the economy, with over two decades of experience as an economist, professor, and commentator. In clear...

John Stackhouse

Former Editor-in-Chief, The Globe and Mail; Author of Mass Disruption

Few Canadians are as acquainted with our nation’s political and business landscape as John Stackhouse. The former editor-in-chief of The Globe and Mail, Stackhouse has been plugged into the country’s ...

Andrew Ramlo

Vice President of Market Intelligence, The Rennie Group

What does our changing population look like? How can you connect with an evolving consumer base? One of our most well-known demographers, urbanists, and planning consultants, Andrew Ramlo looks at wha...

Gordon Campbell

Former Premier of BC; Former Canadian High Commissioner to the UK

As Canada’s High Commissioner to the UK from 2011 to 2016, Gordon Campbell holds a unique understanding of what Brexit means for our economy. Previously, Campbell was mayor of Vancouver during its asc...

Ryan Berlin

Senior Economist, Market Intelligence | The Rennie Group

Economist Ryan Berlin provides thought-provoking insight into economic, demographic, and real estate trends. Is housing affordable? How are demographics—including aging and immigration—impacting the l...

Ajay Agrawal

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Expert | Founder of the Creative Destruction Lab | Author of Prediction Machines (2018)

To world-leading researcher Ajay Agrawal—named the engineer of a “Billion Dollar Breakout” by The Globe and Mail—advances in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning mean profound opportunities fo...

Diane Francis

Bestselling Author and Editor-at-Large at The National Post

Creating a robust agenda for the development of emerging tech isn’t a frill, but a necessity in the 21st century. An award-winning, bestselling author and futurist, Diane Francis argues for a more eff...

John Ibbitson

Globe and Mail's Senior Political Correspondent and #1 Bestselling Author

No one understands Canada-U.S. relations like John Ibbitson. As a #1 bestselling author, senior political correspondent for The Globe and Mail, and former bureau chief in Washington and Ottawa, Ibbits...

David Baxter

Demographer, Economist, and Senior Research Advisor at Urban Futures

How is demographic change influencing your business? What do population growth and distribution have to do with workplace environments, the economic climate, and marketing structures? Speaker David Ba...