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Most of the world’s population lives in cities, with more people migrating to urban centers every day. Our cities speakers are using technology, psychology, science, and art to figure out how we can build happier, more sustainable places to live.


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Charles Montgomery

Urban Design Consultant, Award-Winning Journalist, & Author of Happy City

How can we be happier in cities? Charles Montgomery looks for answers at the intersection of urban design and the new science of happiness. In psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics, and i...

Candy Chang

Urban Space Artist Behind the "Before I Die" Walls

World-renowned artist and urban designer Candy Chang engages communities to share everything from their greatest hopes to their deepest anxieties in public. The Atlantic calls her artwork Before I Die...

Rev. Jeffrey Brown

Pastor and President of RECAP (Rebuilding Every Community Around Peace)

Rev. Jeffrey Brown was one of the key architects behind the “Boston Miracle,” which saw the violent crime rate among youth plummet by 79% over a decade. Today, he works with faith groups, cities, gove...

Jason Roberts

Arts Activist and Co-Creator of the Better Block Project

Do you have a dream for your community? Maybe it’s bike lanes, or a better transit system, or more outdoor cafes. Arts activist Jason Roberts had a similar vision—and he took it upon himself to make i...

Shawn Micallef

Author of Frontier City | Co-Owner of Spacing Magazine

“There’s something worth sharing with the world in how Canada builds and runs its cities.” Shawn Micallef explores public spaces, downtowns and suburbs, and writes about the people and institutions th...

Alex Steffen

Author of Carbon Zero: Imagining Cities That Can Save the Planet

Alex Steffen is the thinking-person’s optimist. His inspiring, provocative talks about our future pack houses around the world. Whether explaining humanity’s best solutions (in Worldchanging), imagini...

Eric Klinenberg

Co-Author of NYT Bestseller Modern Romance with Aziz Ansari, Author of Going Solo

Eric Klinenberg is a social scientist who sheds light on massive demographic, social, and environmental transformations. In Heat Wave, he takes a look at the future of cities in the age of climate cha...

Gordon Campbell

Former Premier of BC; Former Canadian High Commissioner to the UK

As Canada’s High Commissioner to the UK from 2011 to 2016, Gordon Campbell holds a unique understanding of what Brexit means for our economy. Previously, Campbell was mayor of Vancouver during its asc...

David Eaves

Expert on Open Innovation; Kennedy School of Government at Harvard

A leader in both open and disruptive innovation, David Eaves invigorates audiences with talks on how technology is changing work, collaboration, brands, and policy. What are the challenges and opportu...

Mitchell Joachim

TED Fellow and Urban Designer

Architect and designer Mitchell Joachim tackles the urban issues redefining our built environments and cities: his work boldly reassesses the way humans live together in the 21st Century. In mind-bend...

David Baxter

Demographer, Economist, and Senior Research Advisor at Urban Futures

How is demographic change influencing your business? What do population growth and distribution have to do with workplace environments, the economic climate, and marketing structures? Speaker David Ba...

Andrew Ramlo

Vice President of Market Intelligence, The Rennie Group

What does our changing population look like? How can you connect with an evolving consumer base? One of our most well-known demographers, urbanists, and planning consultants, Andrew Ramlo looks at wha...

Misha Glouberman

Negotiations Expert; Co-Author of The Chairs Are Where the People Go

Misha Glouberman is an expert on the subtle arts of negotiation and communication. He takes the principles of good negotiation and better listening, and applies them to a broad set of circumstances to...

Ryan Berlin

Senior Economist, Market Intelligence | The Rennie Group

Economist Ryan Berlin provides thought-provoking insight into economic, demographic, and real estate trends. Is housing affordable? How are demographics—including aging and immigration—impacting the l...