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Risk Management


Our world is growing ever more chaotic as we deal with natural disasters, climate change, terrorism, large-scale accidents, and worldwide financial crises. Our risk management experts provide practical advice for preparing for and dealing with crises as they come, as well as tips on how to thrive in difficult times.


Risk Management
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Darby Allen

Fort McMurray’s Fire Chief (Ret.) | Motivational and Crisis Leadership Speaker

During the catastrophic Alberta wildfires, fire chief Darby Allen shot to global acclaim for guiding the 88,000 residents of Fort McMurray to safety with no loss of life—the largest evacuation in Cana...

Erwann Michel-Kerjan

Catastrophic Risk Management & Resiliency Expert

Dr. Erwann Michel-Kerjan (EMK) is the speaker you call to better understand why we see more catastrophes these days, and what you can do to avoid or overcome them—as well as how to lead, make crucial ...

Ian Bremmer

Creator of the Wall Street Global Political Risk Index

Ian Bremmer is the president and founder of Eurasia Group, the leading global political risk research and consulting firm. In 1998, Bremmer founded Eurasia Group with just $25,000. Today, the company ...

Joseph Hallinan

Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist, Author of Why We Make Mistakes

Joe Hallinan is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist whose lively books, Why We Make Mistakes and Kidding Ourselves, explore the power of perception, the science of human error, and the flexibility of ...

Robin Esrock

Bestselling Author, Tourism Expert, and Global Adventurer

Having explored over 100 countries on 7 continents, bestselling author and TV host Robin Esrock helps us break through the personal and professional boundaries that often stand in our way. He speaks o...

George Kourounis

Host of Angry Planet

George Kourounis travels to the most remote and inhospitable places on Earth to document extremes of nature and climate. He frequently finds himself up close to the world’s most fearsome forces: vicio...