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Learn the subtle art of communications with Lavin’s expert negotiation speakers. These professional communicators can help you negotiate for mutual gains: saving relationships, unlocking the power of teamwork, winning over customers, and simply getting more done.


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Misha Glouberman

Negotiations Expert; Co-Author of The Chairs Are Where the People Go

Misha Glouberman is an expert on the subtle arts of negotiation and communication. He takes the principles of good negotiation and better listening, and applies them to a broad set of circumstances to...

Erin Meyer

Author of The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business

In today’s business world, where teams are spread across the planet and most of our communication takes place virtually, how do we work effectively in the face of cross-cultural complexity? Erin Meyer...

David Eaves

Expert on Open Innovation; Kennedy School of Government at Harvard

A leader in both open and disruptive innovation, David Eaves invigorates audiences with talks on how technology is changing work, collaboration, brands, and policy. What are the challenges and opportu...

Esther Perel

Psychotherapist and Expert on Personal Interaction

Esther Perel is a provocative speaker on the science of human interaction—how professional and personal relationships work. She consults Fortune 500 companies on creating harmony within and among team...

Francesca Gino

Author of Sidetracked and Rebel Talent (May 2018) | Behavioral Scientist | Harvard Business School Professor

Small, simple, and seemingly irrelevant factors often have profound consequences on our behavior and ability to stick to our decisions. In her book Sidetracked and in her talks, Francesca Gino explain...

Jessica Kriegel

Author of Unfairly Labeled; Speaker on Managing Different Generations

Stereotypes about younger workers are wrong, argues Jessica Kriegel—and they’re hurting our economy. In her book Unfairly Labeled and columns for Forbes, she debunks the most problematic myths about m...

Cathy Salit

Author of Performance Breakthrough | CEO of Performance of a Lifetime

Life is theater—a stage on which we enact scenes and embody different roles. And to Cathy Salit, bringing the performing arts—improv, creativity, and play—into our work lives is just the transformativ...

Riaz Meghji

Host of Breakfast Television Vancouver

As Host of Breakfast Television Vancouver, Riaz Meghji wakes up the city every morning with humour and style. On the show and in his life, he has learned that a candid conversation can carry a profoun...

David Rand

Expert in Human Cooperation | Associate Professor of Psychology, Economics & Management at Yale University

How do we get people to cooperate—even when pitching in means sacrificing time, energy, and resources? Ask David Rand. He’s a behavioral economist who studies the benefits of cooperation: essential fo...