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From the art of revolution to the art of spirituality, re-imagined urban spaces to the crossroads of technology and environmentalism, Lavin’s visual artists inspire wonder, overturn stereotypes, and help us tap into the creative process.

Visual Artists
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Edward Burtynsky

World-Renowned Photographer, Winner of the TED Prize

A world-renowned photographer, Edward Burtynsky creates stunning photos—“reflecting pools of our time”—that explore large-scale social, political, and economic issues, including water, oil, and the up...

Titus Kaphar

Award-Winning Painter and Sculptor

With more urgency than a headline, Titus Kaphar’s artworks capture the spirit of social justice and change in America today (exemplified in his TIME cover portrait of the Ferguson protests). Working f...

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Neri Oxman

MIT Professor at the Crossroads of Art, Science, and Technology

Neri Oxman combines breakthroughs in materials science (such as 3D printing) with design principles found in nature. Imagine a skyscraper made with concrete that can breathe and grow and “think,” or a...

Uldus Bakhtiozina

Photographer and Visual Artist from Russia, TED Fellow

Based in Russia, Uldus Bakhtiozina is a photographer who asks ordinary people to model for elaborately staged and surreal portraits. Full of color, whimsy, and drama, her images inspire wonder while r...

Candy Chang

Urban Space Artist Behind the "Before I Die" Walls

World-renowned artist and urban designer Candy Chang engages communities to share everything from their greatest hopes to their deepest anxieties in public. The Atlantic calls her artwork Before I Die...

Naomi Natale

TED Senior Fellow and Artistic Director of The Art of Revolution

Artist and photographer Naomi Natale is the founding artist behind One Million Bones—a large-scale social arts practice that fuses education and hands-on artmaking to raise awareness of genocide—and t...

LaToya Ruby Frazier

Photographer speaking on family, communities, and environmental racism

For LaToya Ruby Frazier, art is a weapon—a catalyst for social justice. Her photographs and videos document today’s America: post-industrial cities riven by poverty, racism, healthcare inequality, and...

Jay Shuster

Production Designer at Pixar Animation Studios

Jay Shuster has worked on some of the world’s most beloved films, including Cars, WALLE, and two of the Star Wars movies. On stage, Shuster shares his journey from childhood obsession with planes, tr...

Molly Crabapple

Painter, Writer, and Author of Drawing Blood

Molly Crabapple is an artist and writer whose work has been described as “God’s own circus posters,” by Rolling Stone. Crabapple’s art engages injustice, subversiveness, and rebellion. The New York Ti...

Eman Mohammed

TED Fellow and Photojournalist

What kind of courage does it take to become the only female photojournalist in the Gaza Strip? TED Fellow Eman Mohammed was only 19 when she began shooting photos for a local news agency—and then the ...

Christine Sun Kim

TED Senior Fellow, Sound Artist, and Composer

Christine Sun Kim uses technology to investigate and rationalize her relationship with sound and spoken languages. Born deaf, Kim felt that she had no “ownership” of sound. In her multimedia presentat...

Camille Seaman

TED Fellow and Photographer Capturing Extreme Weather, Fragile Environments

Camille Seaman is a photographer whose work focuses on the fragile environments, extreme weather, and stark beauty of the natural world—from the deep greys of supercell storm clouds to the shocking bl...

Anastasia Taylor-Lind

TED Fellow and Documentary Photographer

“Men fight wars, and women mourn them,” says documentary photographer Anastasia Taylor-Lind. When she arrived in Kiev in February 2014, Taylor-Lind found Independence Square under siege. At her makesh...

Kitra Cahana

Photographer and TED Fellow

Kitra Cahana is an award-winning photographer and TED Fellow whose work combines art, spirituality, and anthropology. In moving talks, she tells the extraordinary story of her father’s severe brainste...

Gabriel Barcia-Colombo

New Media Artist and TED Senior Fellow

Miniature people trapped in jars and blenders. Vending machines that sell human DNA. Massive projections of slow-motion portraits. TED Senior Fellow Gabriel Barcia-Colombo creates interactive art you’...

Christine Marie

Artist, Director, and TED Fellow

Christine Marie is an artist and TED Fellow who creates uncanny, delightful experiences with cinematic 3D shadow theater. A pioneer in her field, Marie invents lights and techniques that have never be...

Emily Spivack

Author of Worn Stories

In her NYT bestseller Worn Stories, Emily Spivack collects over 60 clothing-inspired narratives from cultural figures and talented storytellers that investigate the deep, surprising connections we hav...