Steven Page

If you have the opportunity to have a mouthpiece, talk about important things.

Singer, Songwriter, and Canadian Icon

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Steven Page | Singer, Songwriter, and Canadian Icon

An articulate and mesmerizing speaker, Steven Page is utterly at home on the stage. Page—singer, songwriter, host of The Illegal Eater, and Canadian icon—has made an indelible mark on our country’s music scene as well as its cultural landscape. He’s spent years entertaining audiences, telling stories, and carving out his place in our national conversation. 

A witty, endearing, and introspective speaker, Steven Page enjoyed two decades of success as co-founder of The Barenaked Ladies, the popular band from Scarborough, Ontario, who dominated MuchMusic, sold millions of albums, and received two Billboard Awards and six Junos along the way. His evolving artistic path now has him blazing a solo trail, where he continues to take chances and catch the public’s attention with a variety of new projects—including some of his best material yet.

Having left the Barenaked Ladies in 2009 to focus on his solo career, Page had always wanted to shift some of his attention to his passion of food, wine, and travel. The idea for a show started in 2012, in San Francisco. Page wanted to uncover underground eateries, capturing the essence of a city through their culinary scene. The show’s premise is based on uncovering private, borderline illegal eateries and revealing those who skirt the rules—so it's bound to be tasty, and thrilling! Featuring his music, including the theme song, The Illegal Eater is on Travel and Escape.

The fruits of Steven’s solo journey have borne three Stratford Shakespeare Festival scores, and four solo albums: The Vanity Project, A Singer Must Die (in collaboration with the Art of Time Ensemble), Page One, and, released this year, Heal Thyself Pt. 1: Instinct.