Stephen Tobolowsky | One of Hollywood’s Most Well-Known Character Actors
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Thelma and Louise. Groundhog Day. Memento. What do these movies have in common? Stephen Tobolowsky—arguably the most famous character actor in Hollywood. A natural storyteller, Tobolowsky enthralls live audiences with stories—about craft, human relationships, and life in general—that are at once quirky, relatable, heart-wrenching, and even momentous.

Few people know his name, but just about everyone recognizes his face. Impossibly, Stephen Tobolowsky is both a Hollywood outsider and an insider. He is a screenwriter, playwright and director, has been nominated for a Tony for Best Performance by a Featured Actor, co-wrote the film True Stories with Talking Heads frontman David Byrne, and he wrote and directed Two Idiots in Hollywood, based on his play. He is also the subject and star of the mesmerizing cult hit documentary Stephen Tobolowsky’s Birthday Party, which was named the Best Comedy and Best Documentary at the Los Angeles HD Film Festival.


Currently, Tobolowsky hosts the podcast The Tobolowsky Files, where he tells his life stories. He can be seen as a regular on FOX’s The Mindy Project  and Showtime's Californication. He also has a new book, called The Dangerous Animals Club

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The American Life Stephen Tobolowsky’s Birthday Party Revisited
Stephen Tobolowsky is a cult phenomenon like no other. In talks that are funny yet touching and mesmerizing yet relatable, he shares poignant life stories, not just from the sets of his movies, but from his eventful life. Whether he’s being kicked into a piranha tank by one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, being held at gunpoint in a grocery store, learning the true meaning of courage from an unlikely young man, meeting old friends under new circumstances or being mistakenly chosen as one of L.A.’s “coolest people,” Tobolowsky’s true subject is how we interact with one another. His emphatic and crisply-told stories—all of them true!—form a moving picture of life in America.