Stacey Allaster

By diversifying leadership teams, we’ll drive economic growth.

Chairman and CEO of Women's Tennis Association (2009-15)

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Stacey Allaster | Chairman and CEO of Women's Tennis Association (2009-15)
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One of Forbes’ “Most Powerful Women in Sports,” Stacey Allaster was the Chairman and CEO of the Women’s Tennis Association from 2009–2015 and is now USTA Chief Executive for Professional Tennis. She brought transformational change to the WTA—and shifted the balance of gender equality in sports and business. Her rousing talks reveal why having more women in leadership just makes good business sense.

Stacey Allaster has held virtually every position imaginable in the world of tennis over a forty-year period: from a junior to a collegiate player; to Tournament Director of the Canadian Open; to President of the Women’s Tennis Association, the world's leading professional sport for women, and to Chairman and CEO of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA): the professional tennis tour featuring 55 annual events in 33 countries and the world’s best female athletes. Now, in a newly created post, she will join the United States Tennis Association as its chief executive for professional tennis.

During Allaster’s tenure as WTA Chairman and CEO, she is credited with generating more than $1B in diversified contracted revenues, building and growing the brand globally with an emphasis in China and Asia Pacific and maximizing the fan’s experience through product innovations, media, data, and technology.

Alongside ensuring the financial success of the sport, player prize money doubled and she has been a strong advocate in helping to secure equal prize money at six WTA events and the four Grand Slams. Legendary tennis player Billie Jean King, founder of the WTA, says: “Stacey brought positive, fundamental change while serving as an exemplary role model, and she executed our biggest and best financial strategies during a very difficult economy.”


“Stacey truly commands a room, given her experience, her presence and her knowledge. She connects with her audience and always speaks from the heart with honesty and conviction. Stacey has been a featured speaker at numerous industry events, including our own espnW: Women + Sports Summit, and each time she has shared great insight, passion, and storytelling. Stacey delivers.”


“The women's only presentation from Stacey was a showstopper. It made the entire conference—she is so inspiring and was a fantastic addition to the speakers. I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed her presentation.”

CSFX 2015

“Thank you for your participation, time, and commitment to our Top 100 Leadership Summit. The feedback I have received has been nothing but extremely complimentary—based on our post-event survey that was sent to all attendees, you received an average rating of outstanding (the highest possible rating), incredible! Your keynote presentation tied in your personal expertise and wisdom as well as the theme of Agents of Change so eloquently.”


Speech Topics

Advantage Allaster Leadership, Inspiration, and Motivation Lessons from an Exemplary Business Leader

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) is a complex organization, with players, fans, tournament owners, promoters, sponsors, local government, and more all advocating for their own interests in the face of economic crises and an increasingly crowded entertainment marketplace. How does the head of the organization not only lead and manage the chaos, but also effect change and engender growth? Stacey Allaster did just that. As the Chairman and CEO of WTA, she generated more than $1B in revenue, unlocked new markets, improved the fan experience, and elevated female tennis players to icon status around the world. In this talk, she shares her leadership style—integrity, communication, and trust—and the strategies she employed to turn the WTA around. Despite the competition, the setbacks, and the challenges that every organization faces, success is possible—and with the right tools and mindset, it’s inevitable.

Gender & Sexuality
It’s (Still) a Man’s World Why We Need More Women in Leadership
 Women in leadership have come a long way. But there’s still a massive gap in equality in the business world—especially at the executive level. Stacey Allaster has spent decades as the only woman in the boardroom, leading sports organizations that often leave little room for diversity at the top. But having more women in leadership fundamentally makes good business sense, says Allaster. It’s an economic issue as well as a social issue—diverse leadership teams are simply more profitable. So how do we solve this problem, and close the wage gap that still exists? Men in leadership positions must work hard to create a diverse environment. Governments must provide legislation that forces business to comply. And women must be their own advocates, confident enough to break through the glass ceiling. Driven by her tremendous passion for the cause, Allaster inspires and ignites in this essential talk.