Ray Boisvert

When personal privacy collides with national security, what wins?

Former Assistant Director of Canadian Security Intelligence Services (CSIS)

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Ray Boisvert | Former Assistant Director of Canadian Security Intelligence Services (CSIS)
Lavin Exclusive Speaker

There are many threats critical to Canadian interests: cyber threats, foreign threats, threats related to espionage and terrorism. For years at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), Ray Boisvert—its former Assistant Director—studied them all. In his keynotes, Boisvert, now the CEO of a risk management firm, brings a critical perspective to corporate safety, security and risk. 

Following a series of senior management positions leading key sectors of CSIS activities, Ray Boisvert was appointed to the critical position of Assistant Director, Intelligence. In this role, his teams were responsible for agenda setting in the intelligence collection, assessment and dissemination functions at CSIS. He worked intimately in specialized areas of security intelligence, from Technology to all facets of Operations, including as the head of Counter Terrorism, as well as Data Exploitation, Risk Management, and Finance sectors. Reporting directly to the Director (or Head of Service), Boisvert was the senior briefer to Ministers, Deputies, and key external sectors. When it comes to CSIS and risk assessment, Boisvert’s knowledge is vast, and varied—and he’s talking about it. Boisvert will help your organization make sense of complex operating environments, and gain a deeper understanding of intelligence and security in a global context. He delivers innovative, integrated solutions and tactical advice that is completely customizable to your group: with a focus on China, Eurasia, the Middle East, or international threats and policies in general.

Now as President and CEO of I-Sec Integrated Strategies, Boisvert is involved in building strategic partnerships, including advanced surveillance and detection systems as well as data solutions for both public and private sector clients. I-Sec Integrated Strategies (ISECIS) applies an intelligence-led approach to ensure a strategic position against risks and emerging threats to organizational integrity. It uses information, particularly advanced analytics, to predict, understand and mitigate organizational threats, and provides practical advice in managing these corporate risks, ensuring safety, security and organizational success. Boisvert is often called upon to speak on global security by news panels across the country.


“Ray was great! He was professional, on time and on point, well spoken, flexible and super informed! Our audience appreciated his participation as did our partners on the event.”

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Speech Topics

Cyberspying Privacy and Security in a Post-9/11 World

In the wake of the NSA scandal and increasing public awareness of surveillance, privacy, and security, Ray Boisvert offers a timely and important talk on cyberspying. What’s being recorded? What are our rights as individuals? How we can ultimately reconcile the fact that we're living under 24/7 surveillance? Today’s systems are designed to facilitate access and ease of movement for people, money, and ideas—not the protection of individuals, their information, or their personal assets. (In 2012, somebody fell victim to identify fraud in the U.S. every three seconds.) Boisvert describes what this means for the citizen, consumer, and organizational leader. By pinpointing where our expectations and laws on privacy meet collective interests, he shows how a delicate balance can be achieved proactively—where societies can achieve higher levels of safety and prosperity, without egregiously breaching personal privacy and security. Drawing on his experience in the post-9/11 security and data world, Boisvert addresses these complex queries and issues in this urgent, illuminating talk.

Risk Management
New Era Risk Management Using Information to Predict, Understand and Mitigate Organizational Threats

Risk is unavoidable, whether your organization is operating domestically or is interconnected globally. Which threats—from cyber and foreign influence to terrorism and espionage—are most critical to Canadian interests? How do Canadian firms or entities operate effectively and securely abroad? In this unique and enlightening talk, Ray Boisvert goes beyond the typical “security” speech to explore the procedures developed and applied at CSIS—such as conducting operations in difficult, if not hostile, environments—and how these lessons can be applied in either private or public institutions, and to your own business. The ability to identify and understand the myriad of threats to business activities is critical to effectively manage those challenges. Irrespective of the business requirement, a simple yet comprehensive set of informed strategies ensure resilience and the protection of assets and reputations.

Enter: Boisvert. Drawing from real life experiences in challenging on the ground situations at CSIS and I-Sec, Boisvert delivers surprisingly candid insights on how leadership can make or break a risky situation, and the benefits of mitigating risks to people, facilities and reputation (protecting shareholder value and/or public trust). He helps you craft an appropriately tailored response to your challenges, showing you how (and when) to manage threats and opportunities using advanced techniques, environmental awareness, and “smart information” to inform decision making. A trusted expert in global security, Boisvert gives insider tips the likes of which you've never seen before.