Molly Wood

Technology changes constantly—how can we embrace it, versus fighting it?

Host and Senior Tech Correspondent, American Public Media’s Marketplace

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Molly Wood | Host and Senior Tech Correspondent, American Public Media’s Marketplace
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What’s the latest must-have gadget or app, and why? How can we protect our privacy online? What can businesses learn from consumer buying patterns around tech? Just ask Molly Wood, one of our sharpest and most perceptive voices on tech. Sure, her talks provide a big-picture overview and predict the next big thing, but more importantly, she connects us—the consumer, user, or business—to how technology shapes and changes our daily lives.

Molly Wood is a veteran technology broadcaster, host, and writer, known for her intelligent and always funny approach to the constantly changing tech landscape. She is the host and senior tech correspondent on  American Public Media’s Marketplace and the former New York Times' deputy technology editor. She was also an executive editor at CNET, where she was the creator, host, and executive producer of Always On with Molly Wood. She also authored the Molly Rants column at CNET News, for which she was a National Magazine Award finalist. Wood regularly appears on CNN, CNBC, NPR, CBS, NBC, and Wall Street Journal Radio (and newspaper). She has nearly 100,000 Twitter followers, thousands of Facebook fan page “likes,” and 575,000 followers on Google Plus. She’s a regular speaker at conferences and executive events, and previously co-created and hosted CNET’s flagship podcast, Buzz Out Loud, as well as the weekly Buzz Report web show.

Speech Topics

Future Forward Staying Ahead of Tech Trends that are Changing Lives
We all know technology is transforming at an increasingly rapid pace. But how can we take advantage of changes and trends in tech, instead of fighting against them? In this talk, Molly Wood takes a close look at consumer behavior in the tech world. Customized to your industry or business, Wood offers an overview of the consumer tech landscape—what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s next—and explores how it affects you. She delves into the products that are changing consumers’ daily lives—from WiFi connected ceiling fans to apps that predict what you want before you want it—and how quickly they’re going from idea to inception. She speaks on internet privacy, and why companies that offer secure and transparent user experiences are growing in favor. And, she reveals who—from Millennials to the AARP set—is buying what. Whether you’re a company on the cusp of new technology or an old-school business, Wood illuminates the murky depths of tech trends and consumer data to provide a clear path to business success.