Major MJ Hegar

If they’re telling you it can’t be done, prove them wrong.

Leadership Speaker and Foreign Policy 100 Leading Global Thinker

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Major MJ Hegar | Leadership Speaker and Foreign Policy 100 Leading Global Thinker
Lavin Exclusive Speaker

Major MJ Hegar is a hero twice over—a Purple Heart-decorated pilot, and the soldier who challenged a discriminatory military policy, winning women the right to serve on the front lines for the first time in history. Named one of Foreign Policy’s 100 most influential women, and with an upcoming memoir and film adaptation (rumoured by Entertainment Weekly to star Angelina Jolie), Hegar’s exceptional grit shows that fighting for what you believe in—in enemy territory and beyond—is always worthwhile.

Major MJ Hegar was once praised on the gun range by her superior for “shooting like a girl”—an ironic compliment that inspired her upcoming memoir’s title. Before the book (and soon-to-be motion picture starring Angelina Jolie), Hegar risked her life on a near-daily basis, completing three tours of Afghanistan as a pilot with the Air National Guard. In keynotes that arrest both the heart and mind, she discusses the importance of teamwork as well as individual advocacy, inspiring us to embody the change we seek.


Shoot Like A Girl is a must-read about an American patriot whose courage and determination will have a lasting impact on the future of our Armed Forces and the nation.”

— Senator John McCain

In 2009, Major Hegar saved her team from Taliban capture after their Medevac helicopter was shot down. Awarded both the Purple Heart and the Distinguished Flying Cross with Valor Device, Major Hegar’s bravery in battle carried through to her landmark lawsuit against the Department of Defense to eliminate the Ground Combat Exclusion Policy that kept women from taking combat positions. After being denied a position in the Air Force, Hegar sued the Secretary of Defense, asserting that the Combat Exclusion Policy—which prevented women from entering direct combat—was unconstitutional. In a historic decision, the policy was repealed in 2013. Because of her, no soldier will ever be excluded from combat because of her gender.  


As vivid a storyteller on the page as on the stage, Senator John McCain calls Shoot Like A Girl “a must-read about an American patriot whose courage and determination will have a lasting impact on the future of our Armed Forces and the nation.”  She works as a medical consultant, continues to mentor cadets, and serves on the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Advisory Committee. Shoot Like a Girl: One Woman’s Dramatic Fight in Afghanistan and On the Home Front, was sold to Berkley Caliber/Penguin USA at auction and will be published in March 2017. Film rights were sold to TriStar Pictures in a bidding war. Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Shari Smiley of the Gotham Group are producing the film, which is described as “Top Gun meets Erin Brockovich.”   



“Major Hegar was everything we could have hoped for and more. Engaging, professional, knowledgeable ... [she] maintained the perfect balance between seriousness and humor throughout her address.”

University of Maryland School of Law

“You kept us all riveted with your story and storytelling skills, taking us from racing hearts to laughing and crying”

Toastmasters Conference

“Your confidence, competence, planning, preparation and professionalism were all on display as you engaged our audience with ‘edge-of-the-seat’ stories sprinkled with your own unique ‘MJ brand’ of humor.”

Metropolitan Breakfast Club Meeting

Speech Topics

Social Change
Be the Change
In this talk, Major MJ Hegar reveals how to be a catalyst for change on a large scale, be it in your career, at home, or on a national or global level. When someone tells you that something cannot be done, she says, the only way to prove them wrong is to do what they believe to be impossible. Her heroic actions in Afghanistan—when she was shot down on a Medevac mission and was pivotal in rescuing her crew and patients, and became the second woman in history to earn a Distinguished Flying Cross with Valor Device—changed the perception of women in the military. And, her historic lawsuit against the Secretary of Defense opened the door for women to participate in ground combat, a significant step forward for equal rights for women in the military. How did she do it? And what can we learn from her experiences? A magnetic speaker, she combines harrowing war stories and powerful lessons on social change with practical advice on leadership, diversity, teamwork, and motivation.  
Performing Under Pressure

How will you react when you are tested? When Major MJ Hegar’s helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan, she discovered what it truly is to perform under pressure. Injured and without backup, she was pivotal in rescuing her crew and patients and became the second woman in history to earn a Distinguished Flying Cross with Valor Device. She was also awarded a Purple Heart. In this talk—appropriate for a wide variety of audiences, from corporate to college to military—she delivers valuable lessons for not only keeping a cool head in a tense situation, but performing with distinction. The difference between those of us who react well under pressure and those who don’t, she says, comes down to a few important principles. Who do you hope to be when all eyes turn to you? 

Lead Your Team to Victory
Leadership is about more than just setting an example, taking care of people, and having integrity. In this talk, Major MJ Hegar draws on her 15 years of multi-industry experience—from leading hundreds of troops in logistics and combat operations to leadership roles in the corporate sector—to identify the three most important elements that make a good leader: character, decision-making, and knowledge. From team-building and problem-solving to risk-taking and understanding tactics and strategy, Major Hegar offers a unique look at this timeless topic.