Jonathan Fader

The most famous pro athletes do it, and you should, too: visualize success.

Performance Psychologist | Director of Mental Conditioning for the New York Giants | Author of Life as Sport

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Jonathan Fader | Performance Psychologist | Director of Mental Conditioning for the New York Giants | Author of Life as Sport
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How do pro athletes and high-performance influencers stay sharp and motivated? To Dr. Jonathan Fader, psychologist for the NY Giants, it’s all about mindfulness. A leader in sport performance psychology, Fader offers a unique, person-first approach to motivation, helping us rediscover the pivotal role of enjoyment to achieve our best—on the field, in the boardroom, and beyond. 

“A how-to manual for not only improving your performance in any endeavor, but more importantly, achieving your potential in life.”

— Mike Richter, NHL All-Star Goaltender

Jonathan Fader, Ph.D., is the team sport psychologist directing mental conditioning for the New York Giants and spent nine years as the sports psychologist for the New York Mets. He works with professional athletes, teams, and elite business leaders to achieve focus, gain control, and stay motivated and mindful using proven sport and performance psychology techniques. In his debut book Life as Sport: What Top Athletes Can Teach You about How to Win in Life, he shares the key techniques he learned in sports and applies them to real-world situations for all readers. 


Dr. Fader is a certified consultant and member of the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. A licensed clinical psychologist, he is the cofounder of the Union Square Practice, a psychology and psychiatry practice in the heart of New York City. He also writes The New You blog for Psychology Today, has appeared on CBS This Morning, Fox News, ESPN, Business Insider, and CNN, and his writing has been featured in Time Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Shape, and NY Magazine. He is an assistant professor of Family Medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and teaches in the Beth Israel Residency Program in Family Medicine in New York City. 

Speech Topics

Life as Sport A Mindful Approach to Greater Performance and Gratitude in Every Field

We live in an outcome-based world. We fixate on profits and losses on the playing fields of our offices and bedrooms, and fret about winning the big game and meeting the bottom line. But for many of us, being preoccupied with results—with all its attendant stress and anxiety—prevents us from performing as our best selves.

What if there was a way out? A method we can use to sharpen our strengths and enjoy every moment? Over the past 20 years, sport and performance psychology has taught elite performers to train more than just their bodies, but also their minds: preparing for stressful moments and connecting with the most powerful versions of themselves. In this rousing keynote, filled with personal stories and evidence-based research, Dr. Jonathan Fader adapts a host of mental skills-training approaches for everyday life, on and off the field. Whether you’re looking to enhance performance at work or home, in business or in parenting, Dr. Fader delivers the most valuable lessons from the biggest courts and most watched fields of the sports world. Teaching us to visualize success, develop positive rituals, rediscover our core passions, and live more mindful lives, Dr. Fader delivers an inspiring message—to live life as a sport, and to embrace each moment with skill, enthusiasm, and enjoyment.