Joe Oliver

We’re blessed to have a stable, prosperous, peaceful, and secure country. Let’s keep it that way.

Canada’s former Minister of Finance, Minister of Natural Resources, and Minister Responsible for the GTA

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Joe Oliver | Canada’s former Minister of Finance, Minister of Natural Resources, and Minister Responsible for the GTA
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What’s happening in the global economy? Why have oil prices crashed? What does China’s decline mean to the world? How is the US helping or hurting us—and where do we go from here? The Honourable Joe Oliver—Canada’s Minister of Finance, 2014–15—has some expert assessments. This Bay Street vet offers an optimistic take on economics, politics, citizenship, and what it takes to keep the country prosperous. 

The Hon. Joe Oliver offers a unique view of Canada’s financial past and future. He has served various roles in government and in the corporate sector. He was Minister of Natural Resources, Minister Responsible for the GTA, and, of course, Minister of Finance, where he presented a balanced budget for the world’s eleventh largest economy. In the corporate sector, Oliver has held senior positions running investment banking operations at Merrill Lynch Royal Securities, Nesbitt Thomson, and BMO Nesbitt, among others. He will seek the provincial Progressive Conservative party nomination in York Centre for the 2018 Ontario provincial election.


“One of the ‘government’s most strategic assets’.”


While in office, Oliver represented Canada at the G7, G20, IMF, and World Bank meetings of Finance Ministers and Governors of Central Banks. He also co-chaired the G20 committee, responsible for generating country plans to increase global growth by $2 trillion. Previously, he served as President and CEO of the Investment Dealers Association of Canada. He was also Chair of the Financial Services Council of Canada, and the founding President and CEO of the Mutual Fund Dealers Association. Oliver also served as Chairman of the Consultative Committee of the International Association of Securities Commissions, and worked as Executive Director of the Ontario Securities Commission. In March 2016, he was named a Distinguished Senior Fellow by the Montreal Economic Institute, an independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit research and educational organization, and in April 2016, appointed as Chairman of the Origin Merchant Partners’ Advisory Board.    

Speech Topics

Canadian Politics
A Proud Talk about a Modest Nation Canada’s Economic and Financial Future
Canada is the greatest country in the world, says Joe Oliver. We’re blessed with a stable democracy, a diverse and highly educated population living in peace, with vast natural resources and a wealthy economy. However, there is uncertainty: a fragile global economy, a collapse in commodity prices, and other geopolitical risks. In this talk, Oliver takes the pulse of Canada’s financial markets, drawing on his work in government, on Bay Street, and from his travels across the country and around the globe. We need to reach out to the world to expand our exports and attract capital, he says, while protecting our sovereignty and standing tall as a reliable ally. Canada can have a prosperous and secure future. But we must make decisions that reflect our core values and long-term strategic interests. From Montreal to Paris to Boston to New York to Toronto, Oliver’s career has spanned investment banking, securities regulation, and politics. A lively speaker, he discusses our fiscal strengths, the economic and security risks we face, the global political and financial environment, and why, ultimately, he is optimistic about a bright future: for this, and for future generations.