Jessica Carbino

What does online dating reveal about psychology, behavior, marketing, and modern love?

Bumble’s Sociologist | Expert in Online Behavior

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Jessica Carbino | Bumble’s Sociologist | Expert in Online Behavior
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What can online dating tell us about behavior? Ask Jessica Carbino. As Bumble (and formerly, Tinder’s) Sociologist—and one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People of 2017—she offers an unparalleled look at relationships, technology, and decision-making. Called the “Dr. Ruth of the swipe-right generation” (LA Weekly), Carbino delves into the data to share surprising insights on modern love—and life.

Jessica Carbino is the Sociologist at Bumble, where she conducts product tests, analyzes user data, and aligns social needs with mobile product and user experience. LA Weekly described her as the “Dr. Ruth of the swipe right generation.” Her work has been featured in major news outlets including The New York TimesTime MagazineMarie ClaireCosmoMen’s HealthNew York Magazine, and The Colbert Report. She has appeared on many TV programs, including ABC’s Good Morning America, ABC’s 20/20, CBS’ The Doctors, CNN, and HuffPost Live; and was named to Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People in Business” list in 2017. She also produced and hosted a weekly radio show at UCLA Radio called “Hook up With Dr. Jess.”


She received her PhD. in sociology from UCLA. Her doctoral research has broadly focused on sex, dating, and relationships. Her dissertation, “Dating in the 21st Century,” used data from several online dating sites to answer the age-old question: “what do men and women want?” She is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and attended Emory University, where she graduated with High Honors in just three years. Prior to Emory, Carbino worked on Capitol Hill.


Speech Topics

Behavioral Economics
More Than Love The Surprising Science (and Business) of Online Dating

After studying trends in modern dating for Tinder and Bumble, Dr. Jessica Carbino can speak, with rare insight, on wider shifts in human behavior: invaluable for every industry, business, and vertical trying to navigate today’s digital marketplace.


In this keynote, Dr. Carbino asks, and answers, a number of important questions: How is technology influencing the way we make personal choices? How is the web changing what we want—and what we don’t want? What can online dating apps tell companies and marketers about desirability, options, even subconscious impulses? And what does it mean for users (and consumers) of different ages, locales, incomes, cultures, and educations? Touching on choice architecture, UI/UX, behavioral economics, and the sociology of the “swipe,” Dr. Carbino shows how smartphone dating means more—much more.

Gender & Sexuality
On Compatibility What Does Modern Love Mean Today?

While earning her doctorate at UCLA, Dr. Jessica Carbino studied the ways we conceptualize and pursue romance on a massive scale. And in this plugged-in talk, perfect for colleges, she breaks down the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of courtship in the twenty-first century. Older models of love—both “romantic” and “prosaic”—are giving way to a new, market-based logic, Carbino argues. Hollywood myths of idealized soul-mates and shining knights are fading away just as fast as the bourgeois conception of love as a lifelong sacrifice. In today’s milieu, it’s all about maximizing our choices—a new, practical take on compatibility that says don’t settle, but don’t hold out for fate. This is a myth-busting, clear-eyed sociological survey of modern love (and its discontents …) from “the Dr. Ruth of the swipe-right generation” (LA Weekly).