Jessi Cruickshank

Self-worth, not net worth, should drive young people to greatness.

eTalk Daily L.A. Host, Producer, and Global Ambassador

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Jessi  Cruickshank | eTalk Daily L.A. Host, Producer, and Global Ambassador

Whip-smart with a sense of humor to match, Jessi Cruickshank is undeniably at the top of her game. A highly sought-after host and emcee, Cruickshank became a household name on MTV Canada’s hit series, The Hills After Show, and is currently the Los Angeles host of eTalk on CTV and the host of CBC’s smash hit Canada’s Smartest Person, recently renewed for a third season. Now, she wants to share her insights with young up-and-comers. Specifically, focus on self worth, not net worth. The young people are listening. 

Not bad for a girl who says, “it was never my intention to be on television.” Jessi Cruickshank is known for her self-deprecating jokes, biting commentary, and punchy personality. Cruickshank, and co-host Dan Levy, took MTV Canada’s The Hills After Show to unexpected, record-breaking heights and international fame. Now she wants to use her celebrity status to talk about how young people can use the resources around them—whatever they may be—to make a real difference in the world. Cruickshank urges her audience to avoid the dangers of the pop-culture bubble and live a happy, fulfilled life outside of it. 


“The funniest woman on TV today, period.”

The Province

An example of that value is Cruickshank’s charity work. She has been an Ambassador for Free The Children, Craig Kielburger's charity, since she was a teenager, and she's taking that position global by using MTV as an outlet to produce and document her experiences in social activism. With MTV Presents: Jessi in India, and the follow-up, Jessi in Kenya, Cruickshank has brought the experience of giving into homes nationwide. Now she brings those insights to the stage.

Cruickshank is the host of CBC’s primetime series Canada’s Smartest Person and the L.A. host of Canada’s #1 entertainment show, eTalk. She is also co-host of the new CBC daytime TV show The Goods. She is writing and starring in The CW hit comedy series Oh Sit! alongside Jamie Kennedy, acting in TV Land sitcom Kirstie with Kirstie Alley, and appearing regularly on E! and The Style Network. 


“Jessi always has a big smile and a story that sends a laugh through her audience, yet she still provokes us with thoughts on kindness, social issues, and every person’s power to positively impact another’s life.”

Craig Kielburger, Free the Children

“We engaged Jessi for our 26th annual Vancouver Tourism Awards Gala. She identified with the audience, personalized her message, and was engaging and overall well-received by the 930 attendees. She had the crowd enthusiastic which, at 7:30 in the morning, is a feat unto itself. We would have no hesitation in recommending Jessi for a speaking engagement. She is a true professional!”

Vancouver Tourism Awards

“Through our work at Free The Children and Me to We, Jessi is one of the few speakers we consistently ask back—including our last three We Days, reaching 30,000+ young people. Jessi has the unique ability to connect with youth on a pop culture level, but at the same time she speaks with eloquence and depth. Her message of helping others is inspiring, funny, relatable, and most importantly, impactful. We are honoured to work with Jessi and would recommend her as a speaker to anyone.”

Me to We

“Jessi was fantastic! She did a great job and we got a lot of compliments on her hosting. We’d look at having her back next year!”

Kidscreen Summit

“Her presentation was impactful and left you feeling empowered and entertained. Jessi offered a keynote address that helped our students enjoy their orientation experience while, at the same time, sending a message on the importance of having goals and the power to create change—all starting with their decision to go to school.”

Lethbridge College

“Jessi’s talk left a lasting impression and was a stark reminder for me about how happiness is not a function of material goods and constant novelty, but about enjoying whatever you have, even if it is very little. I hope to apply this more in my own life and transmit some of this to my own children.”

York University

Speech Topics

Building A Solid Foundation How to Create School-Life Balance, and Take Advantage of College Life

Jessi Cruickshank will be the first to tell you that the best place to cultivate lasting and fulfilling life habits is on your college or university campus. In this talk, Cruickshank shares her university experiences—equal parts hilarity and humbling lessons—while offering tips on how to strike a successful school-life balance. It’s all about finding (or creating) the opportunities to excel and grow outside of the classroom. Extracurricular activities are integral to the college experience: not only will you leave with fond memories, but this is the chance to learn how to achieve the elusive work-life balance. It’s a skill that becomes more invaluable with age, and one Cruickshank is eager to help her audience discover, cultivate, and maintain.

From an A&W to Living the L.A. Life

Jessi Cruickshank was born in an A&W restaurant in Calgary, Alberta. So, naturally, she was destined for greatness. Raised in Vancouver, Cruickshank moved to Toronto to attend the University of Toronto, majoring in English. She had her sights set on attending Yale University—which she got in to—when she saw a job posting for an MTV host search. The rest is history. A history that Cruickshank is thrilled to share with audiences. In this outrageously funny talk, Cruickshank speaks candidly about the decisions she made (and those she didn’t) that got her where she is today.

Happiness is Not What You Have It’s What You Have to Give

Today’s world is obsessed with all things celebrity—from the money, to the fashion, the material goods, the juicy gossip, and everything in between. So, who better to speak on the pitfalls of the celebrity kingdom than a celeb herself? Jessi Cruickshank’s job requires her to live, eat, and breathe pop culture. But even after drinking the celebrity kool-aid, Cruickshank refuses to be consumed by it all. How does she stay grounded? What lessons has the Hollywood life taught her about living a happy life? Cruickshank tells her audiences, with her signature sharp wit and wildly funny anecdotes, that happiness isn't found in exorbitant price tags or shiny new products. Cruickshank urges young audiences to be cautious of placing too much importance on net worth: it’s self worth that matters most. She offers fresh insight into how to navigate the pop-culture bubble in way that is meaningful and substantial. Cruickshank helps decipher what in life is worth your time (and money), and what should be left on the cutting room floor. 

Social Change
Be the Change

As an Ambassador for Free The Children, Jessi Cruickshank has had the opportunity to help communities and individuals worldwide—it’s been some of the most rewarding work she’s ever done. It's also provided her with some of the most profound and valuable lessons, that she now wants to impart on her audiences. Seeing how life functions in a third-world country will open your eyes to what really matters in your own life. Cruickshank reveals a more serious side in this talk, but does so in her uniquely relaxed, warm and quick-witted way. She challenges you to step outside your comfort zone, and re-evaluate what kind of mark you want to leave on the world. 

MCs & Entertainers
Jessi Cruickshank Host and MC
It’s quite clear that Jessi Cruickshank is no stranger to hosting. She knows how to get a crowd laughing, and make any event fun and memorable. She can think quickly on her feet and hold the attention of a room full of people with ease and style. For red carpet events, private parties, charity fundraisers, award shows, store openings and corporate events, Cruickshank is a sought-after host and MC. Book her fast!