Jeremy Gutsche

Smart teams consistently overlook great ideas that were within reach.

CEO of, Award-Winning Innovator, Management Consultant, and New York Times Bestselling Author of Better and Faster

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Jeremy Gutsche | CEO of, Award-Winning Innovator, Management Consultant, and New York Times Bestselling Author of Better and Faster
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Jeremy Gutsche is “an intellectual can of Red Bull” (Association Week), award-winning author and management consultant to brands, billionaires and CEOs. Gutsche is the brains behind the #1 trend-spotting site in the world. With contagious enthusiasm, Gutsche shows audiences how to use methodical innovation to generate ideas and kick-start creativity during times of change. 

In the past few years, Jeremy Gutsche has inspired 300,000 people at 400 events for top-tier brands, billionaires, and associations. With an MBA and CFA, as well as two bestselling business books and an influential website, Gutsche is a creative globe-roamer with a broad appeal. is the largest, most influential, most updated collection of cutting edge ideas available anywhere. Imagine the insight you’d get from a 100,000,000 person focus group. That’s Trend Hunter—its custom innovation advisory is changing the way the world’s most powerful brands innovate. As its founder, Gutsche relentlessly tracks and finds The Next Big Thing—that valuable but elusive commodity—for a global audience that generates millions of views a month.


“Jeremy Gutsche is one of the most sought-after keynote speakers on the planet, well-regarded as the top trend-spotter in the world ... The most energizing, inspiring and applicable piece of stand-up I have ever seen. And I've heard Bill Clinton ... Bill Gates ... and Tony Robbins.”

The Sun

With phenomenal speed, Gutsche has grown Trendhunter into a trusted showcase for “what's next” in marketing, design, technology, and other categories. (It attracts roughly fifteen times more page views than its competitors and has been viewed over two billion times). The site’s been featured or cited in over 40,000 articles, and Gutsche has appeared everywhere from Entertainment Tonight to the BBC. He’s also sought out for his management consulting expertise by leading brands, billionaires, and CEOs who need to reinvent their management, strategy, and culture of innovation to better adapt to time periods of rapid change. He is the author of The New York Times bestseller Better and Faster: The Proven Path to Unstoppable Ideas, published by Crown Business.


“[Gutsche] shows you smart, useful tools to help you find breakthrough ideas better and faster.”

— Daniel H. Pink, NYT bestselling author of To Sell is Human and Drive

Gutsche is the winner of The Cisco Innovation Excellence Award and the BDC’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. In bold, interactive keynotes, he delivers a blend of viral new trends, strategic frameworks, and a contagious enthusiasm for innovation. He possesses a unique perspective on innovation in the business context, and draws on his background in both corporate strategy and Web 2.0 to provide you with inspiration and tools to generate ideas, stimulate creativity and unlock potential. At 28, as one of Capital One’s youngest Business Directors, Gutsche led his team to grow a billion dollar portfolio of market leading products. And as a Management Consultant for the Monitor Group, he advised Fortune 50 clients on top level strategy. His first business book, Exploiting Chaos, won an Axiom Business Book Award, was named an Inc. Best Book for Business Owners, and was a #1 bestseller on the 800 CEO Read list. His second book, Better and Faster, was a New York Times bestseller, #1 on Amazon and a CEO Read “Select” book for CEOs, entrepreneurs, and managers. He holds an MBA from Queen’s, is a CFA, and studied innovation at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.    


“Jeremy Gutsche has been by far the #1 speaker [out of 175 speakers]. He had literally 100 people rush the stage for his book.”

The Market Research Event

“Jeremy Gutsche is the rockstar of keynote speakers! He rocked the house. He brought people alive ... He got people focused on the message and every single person was with him for every word. Jeremy Gutsche, you rock!”

Jeff Busch, VP, Meetings Professional International

“I have always believed that the value and effectiveness of a presentation could be judged based on how well it managed to edify, to entertain, or to enlighten the audience. A good speaker will deliver on one of these key attributes. A great speaker will deliver on all three. Jeremy Gutsche delivered on all three. His ‘Get Better & Faster’ presentation at our recent CPABC Spring Leadership Conference was informative, it was entertaining, and it provided everyone with a framework that forced us to re-think our notions about how to find new opportunities for growth and success. His energy and dynamism are obvious, but more importantly, he backs up the performance with substance. I highly recommend him for anyone looking to gain unique and original insight into how to manage chaos and change.”


“We had 7500 people from 82 countries, translated into 12 languages, which is more than the UN ... Jeremy was unbelievable ... a standing ovation! Best closing speaker we've had in years! Don't miss him!”

MDRT Committee

“He’s a bestselling author who will teach you game-changing beliefs, cutting edge frameworks and powerful ideas so that you can create lasting connections with customers while providing value, leveraging creative thought and harnessing chaos.”

Retail Bankers Association

“Best speaker of the whole 3 day congress ... Energizing, stimulating, modern, fun, passionate presentation ... Jeremy was the most effective & relevant presenter of the whole conference [Jeremy’s weighted score was an unprecedented 97.1%].”

World HR Congress

“Jeremy was fabulous! Our audience was ecstatic with his phenomenal speech and amazing delivery. We are absolutely thrilled. Thank you for all of your time and expertise leading up to our event. You are a pleasure to work with.”

National Confectioners Association

Speech Topics

Innovation & Creativity
How to Spark a Revolution The Faster, Smarter Guide to Innovation

Today, we are experiencing history’s highest rate of change—and opportunity. We love the word ‘disruption,’ but in ten years, 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies will no longer exist in a meaningful way. Are we prepared for a world of 3D printed homes, robot-driven motorcycles, billion-dollar apps, or artificial intelligence that will eclipse our own? Do we shrink from turbulent change, becoming the Kodaks, Blackberrys, Blockbusters, or Smith Coronas of our industries? Or do we seize this moment to be better (and faster) than the competition? To Jeremy Gutsche, this is not the time to preserve the status quo or rely on past wins—it’s time for action, ambition, risk, and pushing yourself beyond limitations. In this rousing keynote, Gutsche provides an actionable program for innovation that will leave you feeling excited, emboldened, and ready to take on today’s dizzying challenges. With reference to 18 mega-trends that are redefining business, he’ll train your team to plan for the unexpected and imagine what could be; to overcome the psychological traps that keep us complacent; and to see your market or industry from the outside-in to envision what disruptions might be lurking around the corner. It may seem daunting, but we must be insatiable—we must be willing to destroy. As Gutsche says, it’s not about finding the next big thing, but finding something little, something perfect, that we can make big. This talk is a must for anyone looking for a complete overhaul (and inspirational boost) to how we imagine innovation.

Corporate Culture
Cultures That Work Turning Words into Action and Creating a Genuine Following

Culture isn’t just one aspect of the game, easily brushed aside as superfluous. It’s the entire game. In fact, culture drives everything within a company—from the words we use to describe success and failure, to the ways we interact and communicate within and without. And subtle shifts in how we create our communities can mean total transformation—for the worse, and for the better. Join Jeremy Gutsche as he shows you how the world’s most inspiring companies organize their missions, values, and ethics, and how they orchestrate unique environments that breed success. The core of any progressive company culture lies in finding your purpose, he argues—the passion, urgency, and importance behind your brand. How well have you expressed your principles? How deeply embedded are your values? How do you inspire loyalty and dedication—and give back to the people who take up your cause? Drawing on 200 interviews with top CEOs, Gutsche unpacks the value of defining, and upholding, a culture that makes clients, partners, and employees get excited about what you do.

Business Strategy
Excellence in Execution An Actionable Playbook for Total Company Reinvention

Motivational speakers can be inspiring, but many lack actual takeaways and applicable next steps. Not so with Jeremy Gutsche. He’s interviewed hundreds of CEOs. He’s studied 250,000 innovations from a virtual focus group of 100 million people. And, with TrendHunter, he’s cracked some of the toughest innovation problems with over 500 clients, including Coca-Cola, Domino’s, Sony, and Wells Fargo. If you’re looking to ideate, exploit chaos, and understand today’s constantly changing landscape, you want someone who doesn’t just speak about change—he makes it a reality.


In this customizable talk, Gutsche opens his unique, highly sought-after playbook for disruptive growth. Guiding audiences through six patterns of opportunity—acceleration, reduction, convergence, cyclicality, redirection, and divergence—he then isolates 18 mega-trends that can’t be ignored. This is as personalized as your team needs it to be (and that means assessment tests, homework questions, follow-up videos, and even a custom trend report, tailored to your organization). As we all know, talk without action might sound nice, but it doesn’t change a thing. Return to work, ready to execute, with Gutsche’s hands-on and unforgettable help.