Jason Grumet

We can solve the energy crisis. And what’s more, we can do so on terms that work for everyone.

Top Advisor for Obama’s 2008 Campaign, Energy and Environment

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Jason Grumet | Top Advisor for Obama’s 2008 Campaign, Energy and Environment
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Jason Grumet is an influential and bipartisan voice on energy and its associated environmental challenges. He is an expert on a host of issues like healthcare, agriculture, and transportation, and is the author of City of Rivals, a galvanizing new book on restoring democracy in America. He works with top-tier deciders in political, academic, and industry circles—the crucial middleground where politics meets policy, and where real, sustainable, and agreeable change happens. 

Jason Grumet is founder and president of the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC). Throughout his career, Grumet has worked at the intersection of policy and politics. In 2007, with the leadership of former U.S. Senate Majority Leaders Howard Baker, Tom Daschle, Bob Dole and George Mitchell, he founded BPC to develop and promote bipartisan solutions to the country’s most difficult public policy challenges. From 2001-2011 Grumet directed the National Commission on Energy Policy (NCEP) which is now a former BPC project. His most recent book, City of Rivals: Restoring the Glorious Mess of American Democracy, focuses on the paralysis in Washington, how to fix it, and how to move forward.


“The U.S. has to move quickly domestically so we can get back in the game internationally. We cannot have a meaningful impact in the international discussion until we develop a meaningful domestic consensus.”

— Jason Grumet

Prior to leading the Energy Commission, Grumet was the Executive Director of NESCAUM (Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management), a nonprofit association of air quality agencies in the Northeast. He is a frequent witness at Congressional hearings and regularly appears in print and electronic media. Grumet received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brown University and his Juris Doctorate from Harvard University. He lives with his wife, Stephanie, and their three children in Washington, D.C. 

Speech Topics

Energy and Environment A Practical Roadmap for America

Solving the energy crisis—which enfolds environmental, security, and economic issues—may be this administration's biggest challenge. In this hopeful, clear-eyed and pragmatic talk, Jason Grumet shows us how America can adopt an energy and environment policy that will be acceptable to Congress and to a large percentage of Americans, and which makes sense for all stakeholders, including industry, politicians, citizens and the environment. It’s a tough task. But it’s one that Grumet, with his extensive expertise on energy issues and his insider’s knowledge of Washington, can do without parallel.

Public Health
American Healthcare A Bipartisan Path to True Reform

Recent health care debates have been constructive, but disappointingly partisan. Good ideas abound, but are dismissed outright simply for having originated on the wrong side of the political spectrum. It's “politics as usual,” with American citizens caught in the crossfire. How can we pass a robust health care plan when our leaders refuse to engage their peers on the other side? In this talk, Jason Grumet draws on his tireless work with top-ranking Republicans and Democrats to focus on solutions that will work, regardless of where they came from. The best ideas, he shows us, are beholden to no single political ideology—and they are too important to ignore. The stakes are simply too high. A leading bipartisan voice, Grumet breaks down political boundaries and lays out an invigorating, comprehensive and actionable blue print for health care reform.

Restoring the Glorious Mess of American Democracy

America is once again gripped by fear that we are falling behind and fast. Unlike the Soviet threat that shook our nation a half century ago, the menace today is homegrown. On issues of national importance, the two parties in Congress appear incapable of working together. Whether the threat is competition from China, crumbling infrastructure, or rising debt, Washington’s legitimacy to govern and capacity to solve problems are in doubt. In this talk, Jason Grumet tackles this issue head-on by challenging the conventional diagnosis of the current gridlock. Rather than lamenting our differences, Grumet offers practical steps to govern a polarized nation, and he explores the unintended consequences of past reform movements. It’s no secret that the backrooms are where things get done and where politicians can collaborate without reprisal. Grumet boldly argues that the answer lies in harnessing partisanship, not spinning in its mud. This riveting keynote is a must-hear for all who care about our country’s future.