Fab Dolan

In our innovation-driven world, technology is redefining possibility.

Head of Marketing at Google Canada

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Fab Dolan | Head of Marketing at Google Canada
Lavin Exclusive Speaker

Google Canada’s Head of Marketing Fab Dolan knows how emerging technologies can redefine the way we do business. It’s time to take active control of our relationship to automation and AI, says Dolan. From startups that acquire millions of users overnight to global corporations looking to go mobile-centric, Dolan explores the challenges and opportunities in this great age of innovation.

At the forefront of modern marketing, Fab Dolan draws on his experiences as a creative and strategic  force behind iconic brands such as Cheerios and Green Giant, revolutionary upstarts like Android and YouTube—as well as the experiences of the cutting edge digital agencies, startups, and engineers he meets regularly. How can you keep people looking at your online content? The mobile interface is the new storefront, he says. Marketing needs to be consistent throughout the entire journey, and Dolan will give you the principles to develop your personal strategy.


Dolan is a TEDx speaker, one of Marketing Magazine’s “30 under 30,” and a regular guest lecturer at Canada’s top universities. His dynamic talks explore the impact of technology on business strategy, economics, education and career development, and much more. “Fab Dolan is that rare breed who is shifting marketer mindsets on the potential of digital,” says Marketing Magazine. “Smart, ambitious, tireless, generous and capable of generating extraordinary business results, Dolan’s the marketing equivalent of that baseball rarity, the five-tool player.” His talks will show you how to produce and manage your own modern marketing organization, illuminating tech trends, key products and skills, and how that applies to your talent strategy. 

Speech Topics

Impossible Minus One How Technology Is Redefining Possibility
Around the world, in military laboratories, universities, and garages alike, innovators from all fields are working on technology that is bringing to life a world previously thought to be straight from science fiction. Advances in robotics, computing, health sciences, and many other fields are coming at us at such high speeds it’s easy to take for granted the progress we have made in the last century. We must take notice, however. In this talk, Fab Dolan asks us to pause and reflect on the rapid advances we’re seeing across all industries, and shows us a glimpse of what could be next. More than just a highlight reel of new technology, this talk asks of us as business leaders, employees, and individuals: “What does it mean to live and work in an exponentially changing world?”