Euvin Naidoo

What can the rest of the world learn from Africa?

Expert on Emerging Markets, Innovation, and Winning the War for Talent

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Euvin Naidoo | Expert on Emerging Markets, Innovation, and Winning the War for Talent
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Euvin Naidoo is an authority on emerging markets—any place where transformational change (and economic opportunities) can no longer be ignored by western companies. One of Forbes’ 10 Most Powerful Men Under Forty in Africa, Naidoo also speaks on innovation, leadership, and how to win the war for talent. 

Naidoo is an expert in the emerging markets that present tremendous yet largely untapped growth potential. In particular, Naidoo talks eloquently about Africa, the continent on which he made his reputation. Africa, however, is just a starting point: his talk on emerging markets goes far and wide to pinpoint all locales that every company needs to consider now.


Outside of emerging markets, Naidoo has won praise for his work in talent management, innovation, and leadership. This year, he received the Harvard Business School’s “Africa Business Club Leadership Award” in recogniztion of his remarkable achievements. Naidoo was pegged as the opening speaker at the first-ever TED Global conference in Africa, is a World Economic Forum Global Leader, and a McKinsey Fellow. At McKinsey, his workstream was “winning the war for talent,” showing companies how to stay ahead, delving into individuals, time management, geopolitics, gender, technology, and demographic change. Naidoo has spoken at Wharton and Harvard, and was named one of the five faces of African Innovation and Entrepreneurship by The Journal of International Affairs. He also sits on the Harvard Business School Admissions Board, and is the fifth Executive-in-Residence at the Wits Business School.


A world-renowned investment banker, Naidoo leads Financial Institutions/Services at Boston Consulting Group. He was previously Head of PBB Global Credit Portfolio Management & Risk Appetite for one of Africa’s largest financial services groups. Most recently he’s been invited to become a member of the Global Agenda Council on the United States at the World Economic Forum. Considered an international brain trust, it'll provide even more opportunities for Naidoo to bridge the US and emerging markets.   

Speech Topics

Chasing Africa How the ‘Forgotten Continent’ is an Economic Blueprint for the Future

Almost overnight, Africa has become the leapfrogging continent, implementing powerful economic change. The world is watching to see what it does next. In this brilliant new talk, Euvin Naidoo paints Africa not as a repository of aid, but as an innovator connecting economic recovery and hyper growth to sustainability. What can the rest of the world learn from Africa? Which lessons are applicable to US an Europe, and which are locked in to the context of Africa? Naidoo talks about Africa, but in the context of the global economy and your business. Economic recovery is now inextricably linked with the implementation of smart, sustainable technologies—and Africa, unburdened by old infrastructures, is carving an innovative path that has lessons for the rest of the world. Naidoo is in the unique position to give you the startling, upbeat news of what’s happening half the world away—developments that will have an enormous impact on how we think about business, government, and kickstarting the global economy.

Leadership in the 21st Century

In the last five years, seismic shifts have forever changed leadership practices at the upper echelon of business. New values have made obsolete a whole era of received leadership wisdom. So where does your company stand? In this provocative talk, Euvin Naidoo unleashes his sweeping and intricate knowledge of best practices and leadership trends, helping you change the way you think about leadership—and the way you actually lead. He traces the shift from hard to soft to smart power, explains the emergence of social responsibility, makes the important distinction between managing and leading, and presents, with brilliant analysis, the lessons unearthed from new and unlikely sources, including his case and research on Nelson Mandela’s leadership at the Harvard Business School. Then, in a hands-on, step-by-step process, he turns abstract concepts into a practical tool kit, walking you through the implementation of these necessary new practices. Timely, bold and backed by one of the best business CVs in recent memory, Naidoo reveals, in a cogent, accessible talk, nothing less than what leadership looks like in the 21st Century.

Innovation & Creativity
What Now? Our Economic Future Depends on Change

In this talk, Naidoo deconstructs everything that led to our current global economic situation. Moving quickly, he points a way forward—a practical path that ends in recovery: Innovation is the key to making long-term gains throughout each and every sector. How can we bolster innovation? Surprisingly, Naidoo points to a world-wide need to establish meaningful, sustainable, cooperative practices that utilize the specific benefits each country has. There is perhaps no better speaker to plot this course than Euvin Naidoo, one of the most buzzed-about and hardest working economics scholars today.

Corporate Culture
How Companies Stay Ahead
Naidoo examines the exciting next generation of global business talent. If you want to know how companies stay ahead, then look no further. Talent. The kinds of people that they bring in, and the way that they integrate them into the greater organization. Naidoo points out how the companies that get the best people—and keep them—keep ahead of the game. But how to do it? By engaging with the big picture, Naidoo details the best practices to winning the war for talent. If you know what is essential to your strategy, you can find the best people and keep them.