David Zweig

The "Invisibles" are the skilled professionals—maybe you're one—who actually drive the economy

Author of The Invisibles: The Power of Anonymous Work

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David Zweig | Author of The Invisibles: The Power of Anonymous Work
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Who are the Invisibles? They’re the skilled professionals in your organization who often go unseen or unrecognized—despite being vital to your company’s success. David Zweig is the author of Invisibles, a groundbreaking book that examines this enormous cohort. In his talks, he reveals why—and how—identifying and ensuring the happiness of Invisibles is so beneficial for your organization. 

“A fascinating tour of the hidden landscapes on which human society actually operates. [Invisibles] will change the way you see the world and, hopefully, your place within it.”

— Douglas Rushkoff

“The values he champions are those that could surely benefit our society (and economy),” says The Wall Street Journal of David Zweig and his new book, Invisibles: The Power of Anonymous Work in an Age of Relentless Self-Promotion. “Invisibles are engaged in the most radical act of our era: not talking about themselves …They have cracked the code for a satisfying life,” writes The Los Angeles Times. These are just a few of the critical reactions attesting to what readers and audiences around the world know: Invisibles is changing the way we work, how we conduct ourselves online and at the office, and even how we define success. As more and more companies are recognizing the crucial link between satisfaction and productivity, ensuring the happiness of invisibles becomes increasingly paramount—making Zweig’s book an indispensable resource.


Translation rights for Invisibles have been sold in Europe, Asia, and South America. Zweig is also the author of the novel Swimming Inside the Sun, and has written for The New York TimesThe AtlanticThe Harvard Business Review, and The Wall Street Journal, among other publications. He has appeared on CBS, MSNBC, CNBC, CBC, FOX, and more. Zweig has lectured about the intersection of media, technology, and psychology at corporations, conferences, and universities throughout the States and Europe.


“David Zweig, our lunch keynote, provided an invaluable approach on career satisfaction. He’s a delightful speaker.”

UC Berkeley

“David’s talk left my team excited, inspired, and most of all like they had learned something meaningful. Invisibles is genuinely eye opening and our conversations about the talk have continued ever since.”

BigSpaceship LLC

“Mr. Zweig was a remarkably engaging speaker. The students and faculty were enthralled during his presentation.”

University of Brussels

“David Zweig’s presentation was excellent and very well received by our attendees (about 2,000 people). We found David to be very easy to work with. In his presentation, he had a substantive message and an entertaining style of delivery. I give David Zweig my unqualified recommendation.”

American Society of Safety Engineers

Speech Topics

Corporate Culture
Invisibles at Work Managing and Empowering the Invisibles

In this powerful keynote geared toward the C-suite, HR, and all levels of management, David Zweig explores the multifaceted impact Invisibles—skilled professionals whose work often goes unseen, either by design of their role or by personal temperament—have on organizations. Driven by narratives of Invisibles in action in a wide range of fields, from a structural engineer at the world’s second tallest skyscraper to an interpreter at the United Nations to a cinematographer on a multimillion dollar film set (and buttressed by business and psychological research from experts at Wharton, Berkeley, Stanford, and elsewhere), Zweig explains the critical and often misunderstood and undervalued role Invisibles play within organizations. 

Invisibles are not only some of your best workers, but when they are given the right tools—and when they are happy—they elevate the performance of those around them as well. Knowing how to spot, hire, retain, and reward Invisibles through a combination of fairness, transparency, and work-life balance considerations is essential for anyone concerned with optimizing their organizational culture. With David Zweig, you can ensure your essential Invisible workforce is both satisfied, and empowered, for tremendous success.

Motivating Students How Work and Knowledge Are Intrinsically Valuable

Today, the message students receive is that recognition is valued above all else. Fame is celebrated while its downside is ignored. Social media teaches kids that the more likes and followers they receive, the better they are—that quantity, not quality, is the goal. Our new cooperative learning environments heavily favor this attention-seeking culture, where the loudest and most eager students are rewarded the most. And while grades are still a critical metric of work, they also function as an extrinsic reward system, encouraging students to work toward a number or letter—diminishing their motivation to gain knowledge for its own sake.

In this keynote, David Zweig explains how when grades are the measure of performance, love of learning is undermined, and schools become incubators to a society of adults merely working for a paycheck. He argues that we must encourage students to develop the patience and the security within themselves to take time to process information and think independently without needing constant reassurance from peers and teachers. With evidence-based findings, Zweig shows that our most successful—and more importantly, most fulfilled—adults and students are those who are motivated by intrinsic goals: by the value of their work itself.

Business Strategy
Invisible Careers The Rewards Of An Invisible Career

In this inspiring talk created for university students and career development experts, based on his internationally acclaimed book Invisibles, author David Zweig reveals a surprising path toward professional success and deep personal fulfillment. In our attention-obsessed culture it’s no wonder that an increasing number of young people are pursuing careers in the spotlight—either in the fields of entertainment or media, or are seeking roles within organizations that carry the highest profiles. But not only is attaining success in these roles stubbornly out of reach for all but the very few, even for those who attain it, the rewards of attention are all too fleeting. With fascinating and detailed examples of highly accomplished Invisibles, buttressed by compelling research from psychology and business, this talk reveals the hidden power and possibilities of working behind the scenes. Audiences leave this keynote with a new definition of success, and the tools for how to get it.

Corporate Culture
Invisibles The Power of Anonymous Work in an Age of Relentless Self-Promotion

In this talk, based on his internationally acclaimed book, Invisibles: The Power of Anonymous Work in an Age of Relentless Self-Promotion, David Zweig captivates and inspires audiences with stories of extraordinarily successful professionals who, unlike what we’re told we need to do, got to the top of their fields by not seeking attention. Backed by research from business, psychology, media theory, and philosophy, Zweig explores how the specific traits these “Invisible” professionals share correlate both with achievement and personal fulfillment. With so many of us vying for evermore “likes” and followers, and being told we need to “raise your profile” in order to get ahead, Invisibles are both the antithesis and antidote to this arms race for attention. This illuminating talk shows that recognition isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and invisibility can be viewed as a mark of honor and a source of a truly rich life.