Dave Wilkin

In every company, mentorship helps strengthen leadership, circulate goodwill, and unlock creativity.

Speaker on Mentoring and Founder of Ten Thousand Coffees,

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Dave Wilkin | Speaker on Mentoring and Founder of Ten Thousand Coffees,

Social entrepreneur Dave Wilkin is on a mission: to unlock the power of the next generation. He’s the founder of TenThousandCoffees.com, the world’s largest peer-to-peer mentoring service that connects thousands of leaders with youth for life-changing conversations. Working with cities, schools, and Fortune 500s, Wilkin helps connect, diversify, and modernize the workplace.

“Today’s job market is admittedly pretty bleak for millennials, but Dave Wilkin, founder of TenThousandCoffees.com, is hell-bent on providing them with opportunities anyway.”

The Toronto Star

Wilkin’s story from small town to global entrepreneur brings to life the power of the Millennial generation, entrepreneurship, and innovative disruption. He’s worked with prominent brands, organizations, government, and industry leaders to turn their organizations into Millennial engagement engines. Wilkin regularly contributes to national print, radio, and broadcast media outlets such as The Huffington PostThe Globe and Mail, and CBC as a thought-leader on young professionals and entrepreneurship. He also sits on a number of boards including the Art Gallery of Ontario, Cannes Young Marketers, and CivicAction. He has twice been recognized as a Marketing Magazine Top 30 Entrepreneur Under 30.


“Loved it. What a storyteller! No slides or videos and all of us were hanging on his words. [...] I found Dave engaging, inspirational, approachable, and relatable. [...] This was one of the best talks I have heard. I related to it 100% and it was very inspiring. Can’t say enough about this talk.”

21inc’s Under 40 Summit

Speech Topics

Corporate Culture
Connecting Teams Helping Businesses, Cities, and Governments Communicate
Networking in large organizations is never easy—especially across ages, departments, seniority, and other common barriers. Enter Dave Wilkin—and TenThousandCoffees.com. Now the world’s largest peer-to-peer mentoring service, TenThousandCoffees creates exclusive, shared communities for organizations large and small, and then automatically matches members according to topics, locations, and shared interests. It’s a fun and simple way to match up personnel who might otherwise never connect—but it’s also an important method to improve organization-wide communications, one cup of coffee at a time. In this customizable keynote, Wilkin shares his singular approach to leveraging the power of conversation with your organization. He shows how cultivating meaningful connections can help communities, businesses, and cities diversify and modernize their workforces, reach barrier populations and NEET-designated individuals (Not in Education, Employment, or Training), onboard new employees, overcome destructive silos, and foster dialogue across multiple sectors or levels of experience. Whether working with teams of 100 or 10,000, Wilkin can help improve your team dynamic for good: helping you expand, achieve, and connect in new and healthy ways. 
Corporate Culture
Engaging Millennials Reaching the Next Generation of Leaders

Dave Wilkin’s TenThousandCoffees.com offers a simple way for students, recent grads, and young professionals to meet and network with more established leaders in their fields—all over cups of coffee and engaging conversations. In this talk, Wilkin shares his unique vision for how organizations can engage the enormous Millennial demographic while demolishing traditional barriers to success. He explains why it’s smart business to banish harmful generational stereotypes, foster diversity, and engage with younger workers in more meaningful ways. He shares how a relaxed and intuitive approach is far more effective than pursuing a top-down, institutional model (indeed, he talks on how flipping the mentorship model itself, having both younger and older partners benefit from the exchange, can help organizations attract and retain Millennial employees). And he explains how his solutions can allow government-funded incubators, career fairs, and alumni networks become more effective, and much more rewarding, for all parties.