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There is no better feeling than singing a beautiful song with strangers.

International Singing Phenomenon

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Choir! Choir! Choir! | International Singing Phenomenon

Choir! Choir! Choir! is the international singing phenomenon that exemplifies the best of creativity, collaboration, and community-building. In their speeches, founders Nobu Adilman and Daveed Goldman talk about these themes—but they make audiences feel them, too. Packed with examples and humorous interplay, Choir! keynotes are a showcase for the collaborative process: teamwork at its most harmonious. 

In 2011, Nobu Adilman and Daveed Goldman co-founded Choir! Choir! Choir!, a twice-weekly singing event with revolving participation from over 12,000 members that invites non-professional singers to belt out pop hits in venues across Toronto; no auditions or commitment required. Blurring the lines of audience and artist, the choir has performed with punk legend Patti Smith, Tegan and Sara, Sloan, and Hey Rosetta!, and at major events such as TEDx Toronto and The Polaris Music Prize Gala. The choir has been featured in the Globe and Mail, Fast Company, and on NPR and CBC’s The National. Adilman and Goldman now present the ideas behind the choir in inspiring interactive keynotes. They are also highly sought-after hosts and Masters of Ceremonies, available for everything from a formal awards dinner to a full day of breakout sessions. 


“Choir! Choir! Choir! isn't just about having fun. It's about letting go and getting something back.”

Canadian Living

Nobu Adilman is an artist with many television, film, and music credits (including co-creating and starring in Food Jammers, hosting Discovery Science USA’s Invention Nation, and hosting national TV shows SmartAsk! and ZeD). He is also a journalist, podcaster, and interactive web content creator. Daveed Goldman is a singer, songwriter, and community creator. He can be heard on television, at the popular live-music dance party “Loving in the Name Of,” and performing at the Toronto International Film Festival. He wrote the Jack Layton memorial song “Nothing But Time to Give” and was recognized by the Globe and Mail as a Catalyst for co-founding Choir! Choir! Choir!.   


“On behalf of CSAE thank you sincerely for your support of the 2016 National Conference and Showcase. Choir! Choir! Choir! were absolutely amazing. What a wrap up! They were terrific… and really got the audience going… at the very end, Daveed said to heck with it… it is Friday afternoon, we are doing one more song … and they did!”

Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE)

Speech Topics

Let’s Get Together and Feel Alright Creating Community with Choir! Choir! Choir!

Choir! Choir! Choir! gets you to sing with your colleagues: a radically simple idea that will transform your relationships and unlock your creativity. Their infectious vision for community is taking the world by storm—so make your organization their next gig. In this ecstatic talk and singalong, choirmasters Nobu and Daveed will teach you their mode of creative leadership, punctuated by much-loved songs for everyone to join in on. Want to connect with your colleagues and friends in an inclusive space? Choir! Choir! Choir! inspires social connection firsthand, bringing play into your workplace by inviting you and your team to raise voices alongside each other. Speaking, singing, and strumming, Nobu and Daveed show that banding together to belt Bon Jovi is just one way of working together. Through uplifting stories and songs, Choir! Choir! Choir! will endow your audience with the universal skills to revitalize—and humanize—their professional relationships, proving that singing the same song together is a principle worth investing in on a grander scale.