Allan Gregg

In politics, it’s the truth and authenticity we crave, more than anything.

Chairman of Decima Research

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Allan Gregg | Chairman of Decima Research
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Monitoring the economic, social, and political pulse of Canada, Allan Gregg is one of our most respected research professionals and political analysts. Gregg makes sense of current affairs—the economy, public opinion, business, and government dealings at all levels—and tells us where we, as a country, are heading. In customized talks and incomparable on-stage interviews, he shows businesses what it all means for them. 

A pioneer in the integration of consulting, public-opinion research, and communications, Allan Gregg not only has an intimate knowledge of the dynamics of policy-making but also a deep understanding of what it will take to forge a public consensus around government and business initiatives. Gregg is the Chairman of Harris/Decima, a company he founded over 30 years ago that has now merged with the fastest growing research firm in the world. (Previous to this, he was the chairman of The Strategic Counsel.) He also runs Allan Gregg Strategies, offering high-end research-based consulting and communications advice to prestigious private and public sector clients.


“[In politics], it’s the truth and authenticity we crave, more than anything.”

— Allan Gregg

Widely published and quoted, Gregg is a former member of CBC's “At Issue” panel. He hosted Allan Gregg In Conversation With... on TVO for 19 years, and is a contributor to The Walrus. He also serves on the Walrus Foundation and GM Canada’s Advisory Boards as well as the Bank of Montreal’s Advisory Council on Retirement. In 2013, he published the long-form article “Tecumseh's Ghost” in the Walrus. In doing so, he sought to provide a more accurate portrayal of history than has ever been previously told about Tecumseh, and more importantly juxtapose that history against the current Aboriginal political climate in Canada today.    


“We had an excellent presentation from Allan Gregg: I knew, of course, that he would speak well, but his selection of data was very appropriate for our audience and his overview of the current political and social milieu was very well tailored to the attendees' interests. I have one very discerning commissioner whose praise following his presentation was fulsome, so that confirms for me that he did an excellent job.”

Ontario Municipal Social Services Association

“Allan Gregg did a superb job of providing insight into the workings of government, and illustrating how our industry can best approach its government relations and advocacy. His top ten points to effective government relations and anecdotal examples were entertaining and spot on. Our audience at the EDA executive symposium gave him one of the highest ratings of all the speakers.”

Electricity Distributors Association

“Allan Gregg was excellent and very well received—just a great guy who is friendly with everyone and his address covered a lot of what we had asked him to touch on. He was of great value and added a lot to the meeting.”

Cdn Living Benefits Conference

“We opened the meeting with Allan Gregg as our keynote speaker. I just want you to know that he did an outstanding job. One individual said Mr. Gregg was an excellent speaker with great insights into the future. Many remarked on his presentation as being a great start to the day. I thought he was right on target with his remarks being very pertinent and thought provoking. He has a very warm delightful style that holds your attention while delivering a strong message. In addition his ability to react to the audience during the open question period was outstanding; he clearly develops a strong bond with his audiences.”

Canadian Living Benefits Seminar

“Everyone in the room was thoroughly engaged by your interesting and insightful comments—certainly the timing could not have been better.”

Canadian Life and Health Insurance Assn.

“Allan Gregg was amazing at our 2015 IBAM convention—after completing due diligence his onstage performance signified character, wit, smarts, and humor. We wouldn’t hesitate to have him back.”

Insurance Brokers Association of Manitoba

Speech Topics

Canadian Economy
Market Intelligence, Trends, and Business Answers

Highly informed and always entertaining, Allan Gregg delivers accurate, indispensable, and customized market and economic intelligence—crucial information about your company, your products and services, your competitors, and your industry. He skillfully interprets the attitudes and desires of consumers, keeps an eye on Ottawa, pours over economic statistics, and helps your company turn complex information into winning business strategy. What are the trends that will change your industry? What's public opinion among Canadians? This is an absolutely necessary talk for our current economic climate.

Social Science
Tecumseh's Ghost Aboriginal Rights in Canada

The betrayal of Tecumseh by the British in the War of 1812 resulting in his death was among the first in a long line of betrayals, each compounding the breakdown of trust and the build-up of animosity between the Crown and Aboriginal communities in Canada. Tecumseh has long been a misunderstood historical figure. While he was in fact a warrior of vicious proportions, he was more importantly a statesman and nation-builder ahead of his time. He unified tribes where no one had before and strategically aligned his nation with the British against the Americans. He had every aspiration of sovereignty and voraciously opposed treaties—for he knew what they really meant. He believed in his people and ultimately laid down his life in defence of them.

In this powerful talk, Allan Gregg seeks to provide a more accurate portrayal of history than has ever been previously told about Tecumseh, and more importantly juxtapose that history against the current Aboriginal political climate in Canada today.

Effective Government Relations

Allan Gregg has unsurpassed knowledge in government relations—he has advised, consulted with, and sold to governments for over 30 years. On stage, he shares everything he's learned. How do you develop relationships with key players? How do you craft your message to resonate with officials? And how do you mobilize third parties in aid of your goals? Gregg provides case studies on government and stakeholder relations and community engagement, and invaluable advice on how to make it happen for your organization.

The CEO Interview

This is a popular presentation in which CEOs share their ideas, on stage, in an informal, interactive setting with one of Canada's most masterful interviewers, Allan Gregg.