Adria Vasil | Author of Ecoholic, Leading Environmental Columnist
Lavin Exclusive Speaker

Through her accessible and comprehensive books, the popular green advice column she’s been writing since 2004, her public lectures, and her regular appearances on CBC News, CTV’s Canada AM, and many other programs, Adria Vasil helps regular people decipher legitimately green products and choices from the marketing greenwash now flooding store shelves.

“This book is for people who want to do something to lighten their impact on the planet. The small steps cost us little in the way of effort, money or time, but the cumulative effects can be enormous.”

— David Suzuki

Adria Vasil’s bestselling first book, Ecoholic, is a witty and authoritative guide for the increasing number of us who making the conscious effort to live greener, smarter, and healthier lives. She followed it up with Ecoholic Home, a focused guide to turning ground zero for green crimes—where you live—into a healthy eco-haven. Her latest addition to the Ecoholic series, Ecoholic Body: Your Ultimate Earth-Friendly Guide to Living Healthy and Looking Good, tells of her family’s own body/health battles (from her brother and mother’s chemical sensitivities to Adria’s own health woes) as well as her frank and funny personal experiences and experiments with natural living. She helps us connect the dots between the products we put on our bodies every day, our health and the health of the planet’s. Her writing, grounded in everyday concerns and people, has won praise from consumers, corporate audiences, and environmentalists alike. 

Speech Topics

Ecoholic Small Acts That Stave Off Major Global Crises, Save the World and Spare Our Wallets
In these fun, informative presentations, Adria Vasil gives you an eye-opening tour of the new green world we are all working towards. Optimistic and plainspoken, she doesn’t just talk about buying smarter products. She highlights the power in each of us to affect change, both as consumers and as citizens—to look critically at the world, to ask questions, and to act accordingly. Often times, she says, the best thing to do, for your wallet, for your health, and for the planet, is also the simplest thing to do. Her talks are not anti-consumer or anti-government; they’re pro-awareness. And they showcase the immense charm and pragmatic ingenuity that have made her the hippest green speaker in North America. Adria has spoken to at university campuses, professional conferences, high schools, and community events. She is available to discuss a number of issues and will happily cater a speech to your needs. 
Health & Wellness
Women’s Health Battling Toxins in Our Environment
Women face a particularly heavy body burden when it comes to everyday pollutants. Women are also leading the charge to protect our health and the health of the planet.  Bestselling Ecoholic author Adria Vasil shares her journey as a feminist, activist, and toxins crusader, and shares tips on detoxifying our bodies and the world around us.