Adam Bryant

When you ask leaders how they lead, their stories of struggle and success will surprise you.

Author and Corner Office columnist at The New York Times

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Adam Bryant | Author and Corner Office columnist at The New York Times
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In his weekly Corner Office column for The New York TimesAdam Bryant asks the world’s most fascinating CEOs a deceptively simple question: How do you lead? It’s his unique approach to getting at the heart of transformative leadership, beyond cliche and canned answers. In his books, he reveals the five qualities that set high-performers apart, and what it takes to build and foster a corporate culture of innovation. 

“Far too many leadership books rely on the knowledge of consultants or on years-old stories to build their case; [Quick and Nimble] gets its ideas from the people actually running companies today.”

The Washington Post

By drawing together lessons from chief executives from companies such as Disney, LinkedIn, Dreamworks, Ford, and many more, Bryant reveals the keys to success in the business world, including the five essential qualities that high performers share—qualities that the CEOs themselves value most and that separate the rising stars from their colleagues. His book Quick and Nimble: Lessons from Leading CEOs on How to Create a Culture of Innovation offers a keen understanding of the forces that shape corporate culture and a clear road map to bring success and energy to any organization, from button-up to start-up. “In an increasingly competitive and dynamic economy, every organization is charged with building a culture that supports innovation,” writes Adam Grant. “Whereas most books on innovation take a deep dive into one company’s success or failure, New York Times Corner Office columnist Adam Bryant casts a more comprehensive net, interviewing hundreds of executives to identify what’s effective across industries. Bryant offers an expert guided tour through the minds of the world’s most innovative CEOs, sharing insights that are both enlightening and immensely practical.”


Grant is also the author of The Corner Office: Indispensable and Unexpected Lessons from CEOs on How to Lead and Succeed. A New York Times bestseller, The Corner Office draws together some of the best and most insightful interviews from Bryant’s column. Publishers Weekly raves that “readers are left with a new understanding of leadership—why it’s important, how these experts have worked to attain it, and how they can do the same.” 


Bryant has over two decades of journalism experience as a reporter and editor at both Newsweek and The New York Times, where he is currently deputy science editor. He was the lead editor of a series that won the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting in 2010. He also teaches a course, “The Practice of Leadership,” at Columbia University.   

Speech Topics

Innovation & Creativity
Quick and Nimble Lessons from Leading CEOs on How to Create a Culture of Innovation

Intelligent change is necessary to compete. But how does one transform a company into a culture of innovation? After interviewing hundreds of CEOs for his Corner Office column in The New York Times, Adam Bryant has distilled years of wisdom and experience into six practical steps to becoming an innovative culture: A Simple Plan, Rules of the Road, A Little Respect, It’s All About the Team, Adult Conversations, and The Hazards of Email.

Down to earth and eminently pragmatic, Bryant establishes a foundation for growth that you can act on immediately—from altering your perspective to learning how to lead with your entire personality in order to bring all of your skills to the table.

Insights from the Corner Office

What does it take to reach the top in business and to inspire others? How do you build a high-performing corporate culture? Adam Bryant has interviewed more than 200 CEOs about the most important lessons they learned as they rose through the ranks, and how they foster a culture of innovation. Success comes in many varieties, and leadership is not a one-size-fits-all skill. In this talk, Bryant shares the broader themes that emerged from his interviews, through memorable stories and eye-opening insights, and presents a full-spectrum approach to leadership, business, and life.