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Michael Landsberg

Host of TSN's Off the Record

 Michael  Landsberg , keynote speaker
 Michael  Landsberg , keynote speaker Michael Landsberg Talks About Depression  Michael  Landsberg , keynote speaker  Michael  Landsberg , keynote speaker Happy on the Outside: Interview with Steve Paikin  Michael  Landsberg , keynote speaker
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Brash and witty, Michael Landsberg generates great fun during his customized and interactive talks. A seasoned on-stage pro, his talks are diverting and smart, injected with large doses of humor. Not one to shy away from anything, he talks frankly about mental health—and specifically, his own struggle with depression—and urges others to do the same.
Questions About Booking Michael Landsberg?

The phrase "off the record" connotes a hushed conversation. TSN's Off the Record, hosted by Michael Landsberg, is anything but. Landsberg's popular talk show, full of personality, brag, fun, healthy argument, sports talk, pop culture allusions, big name personalities and celebrities is one of the most entertaining half hours on Canadian television. Anyone who has watched him on television knows how diverting and smart Landsberg can be. On stage, he's even better, as he presents a unique version of Off the Record.

Michael Landsberg began his career as an anchor on TSN's flagship show, SportsCentre, where he became one of Canada's most trusted sports voices. In addition to being an excellent host, he also is a man of the community, organizing and hosting dozens of charity events each year. Most recently, he's been featured in the new CTV documentary Darkness and Hope: Depression, Sports and Me.
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  • Off the Record-- Live and Customized for Your Audience

    Take the host of one of the most interesting and innovative shows ever produced in Canada. Add in your choice of audience members. Toss in some interesting questions and provocative issues, and what do you have? A session sure to create a buzz and be remembered with fondness long after your conference is over. In his live, customized version of his hit show, Off The Record, Michael Landsberg uses his skills as an interviewer and moderator to get a hand-picked group of your attendees on stage to discuss events of the day. Like only he can, Michael keeps things moving, injects a large dose of humour, and makes sure everyone—but especially, the audience—has a great time. Off the Record Live can be pure entertainment, or an innovative way to get across key messages and themes. You decide, and Michael can make it happen.

  • Darkness and Hope: Depression, Sports, and Me

    Michael Landsberg is the charismatic and outspoken host of TSN's Off the Record—and from watching his show, you'd never guess that he has been battling mental illness and depression for most of his life. Lifting the stigma from this topic, Landsberg delivers a powerful and personal keynote on the dangerously misunderstood issues of depression and mental health. Depression can affect even the most successful of athletes—from Clara Hughes, one of the great amateur athletes in Canada, to four-time World Series winner Darryl Strawberry. Landsberg shares the story of his own battle with mental illness, as well as the unexplored stories of some of the world's most recognizable sports figures, to show us that recovery, strength and hope are possible in some of our darkest times.

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