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Glenn Doc Rivers

Head Coach of the LA Clippers

 Glenn Doc Rivers , keynote speaker
 Glenn Doc Rivers , keynote speaker  Glenn Doc Rivers , keynote speaker
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Glenn "Doc" Rivers is universally acknowledged as one of the best coaches in the NBA today. Hailed for his charisma, his composure, and his unrelenting focus, he exhibits these qualities in all areas of his life, whether a charity event, a national TV broadcast, or on stage in front of a live audience.
Questions About Booking Glenn Doc Rivers?

As their former head coach, Glen Rivers led the Boston Celtics to the NBA Championship title in the 2007-08 season. It was the culmination of what was already the greatest single season turnaround in NBA history, with The Celtics going 66-16 after a disappointing 24-58 the previous season. As a player for 13 seasons, with the Spurs, the Clippers, the Hawks and the Knicks, Rivers played for—and learned from—legendary coaches such as Pat Riley and Mike Fratello.

Despite impressive numbers, and an MVP nod in the World Championship of Basketball, Rivers has found his true calling behind the bench. In 1999-2000, his first season as an NBA coach, he was named Coach of the Year for leading the Orlando Magic—a team expected to finish last—to within one game of the playoffs. He then led the Magic to the playoffs in his next three seasons, before joining the Celtics in 2004. Off the court, Rivers earned a Pre-Law/Political Science degree and is the recipient of the 2000 Rainbow Sports Awards' Male Coach of the Year, given for excellence in sports as well as the display of grace, dignity, commitment and humanity.
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  • Leadership, On and Off the Court: Lessons from NBA Championship Coach Doc Rivers

    In this spirited talk, Glenn "Doc" Rivers draws on breathtaking moments from his NBA career to show you what it means to excel in any situation: sports, business, life and everything in between. How do you deflect deafening criticism, both external and internal, and focus instead on the positive, on winning? How should you react when your best player goes down, when the unexpected happens? And when you're out in front, how do you prevent motivation from ebbing away-- how do you stay competitive? Shot through with anecdotes from NBA superstars, and rich with practical tips on achieving success, on your terms, this riveting talk, delivered by one of the NBA's most charismatic coaches, is perfect for fanatics and casual fans alike.

  • Building a Championship Team: Lessons From Boston Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers

    How do you turn a middling team-- in sports or in business-- into champions? NBA all-star coach Doc Rivers draws on his fabled career and on surprising and famous anecdotes to show you how. When should you accept when something is not working, and move on? And how do you identify the strategies that, for you, will lead to success? Moving beyond cliches, Rivers explains the integral role of trust, teamwork, selflessness and respect in champion--caliber teams, and shows you how to instill and enforce these bedrock principles. Smart business leaders, like smart coaches, he reminds us, make their own luck: they actively and purposefully make changes that result in strong and dynamic teams-- teams, like his NBA champion Celtics, that are poised for supremacy in their respective fields.

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