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the lavin weekly | Oct 13th, 2017

The Lavin Weekly: The Death of Democracy, a 2017 MacArthur Fellow, The Trump Effect, and Disarming Ageism

In this Lavin Weekly, Yascha Mounk explains why younger people are dissatisfied with democracy; Nikole Hannah-Jones becomes a MacArthur Fellow; Maria Konnikova describes how social norms evolve; and Ashton Applewhite offers first steps for women to disarm ageism.     1. “Less than 1/3 of... Continue Reading →
the lavin weekly | Oct 6th, 2017

The Lavin Weekly: America Is Guns, The Origins of Creativity, Disrupted Mayonnaise, and How to Raise Pro-Athletes

In this edition of The Lavin Weekly, James Fallows’ defeated take on the tragedy in Las Vegas; Edward O. Wilson’s colorful description of humanity; Bianca Bosker profiles a Silicon Valley superstar; and Karl Subban explains how he raised three NHL stars.  1. “This is who we are.” In the... Continue Reading →
the lavin weekly | Sep 29th, 2017

The Lavin Weekly: Europe’s Populism Problem, Personalizing Politics, Disaster Warning Systems, & Digital Age Breakups

In this Lavin Weekly, Yascha Mounk warns of the populist rise in Europe; Angie Thomas interviewed for PBS; Derek Thompson asks why the U.S. doesn’t have warning systems in place for natural disasters; and Esther Perel explains all the different ways we can be dumped in the digital age.  1. “It... Continue Reading →
the lavin weekly | Sep 21st, 2017

The Lavin Weekly: Instagram’s Hate Filter, Cracks in the Administration, A First for Marvel, & a New Innovator in Residence

In this edition of The Lavin Weekly, Nicholas Thompson explores the ethics of Instagram’s hate speech filter; Matt Taibbi questions the president’s sanity (for real this time); the latest issue of Gabby Rivera’s America is out just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month; and Jer Thorp is the 2017... Continue Reading →
the lavin weekly | Sep 15th, 2017

The Lavin Weekly: Resegregation in the U.S., Confronting Racial Bias, Marriage Anxiety in the White Working Class, and a Modern Hajj

In this Lavin Weekly, Nikole Hannah-Jones reveals resegregation in the U.S., Ritu Bhasin shows us how to combat everyday racial bias, Rich Benjamin explains why Hilary Clinton’s marriage mattered, and Wajahat Ali takes us on a modern hajj.   1. “The names of towns and neighborhoods can serve as... Continue Reading →
the lavin weekly | Sep 8th, 2017

The Lavin Weekly: Undercover in North Korea, The DACA Decision, Neoliberal Problems, and Why It’s Okay to Not be Famous

In this Lavin Weekly, Suki Kim tells us how to deal with North Korea; Derek Thompson breaks down the disasterous DACA repeal; Douglas Rushkoff talks about Google’s latest controversy; and Emily Esfahani Smith serves up some hard but important truths.  1. “The Great Leader can’t be moderated. You... Continue Reading →
the lavin weekly | Sep 1st, 2017

The Lavin Weekly: Taking the High Road, Democracy vs. Math, The Last “Ism,” Afghanistan Strategy, & "Islam’s Mosh Pit"

In this Lavin Weekly, Jelani Cobb argues for the high road; Emily Bazelon reveals how voters’ rights are being violated; Ashton Applewhite continues the fight to end ageism, MJ Hegar asks what victory looks like in Afghanistan, and we get an excerpt from Parvez Sharma’s upcoming book. 1. “Trump is... Continue Reading →
the lavin weekly | Aug 25th, 2017

The Lavin Weekly: America's Drug Crisis, Making a Ulysses Pact, Klosterman’s Titles, The Uncanniest Valley, & IBM Predicts the Future

In this week’s Lavin Weekly, Laurie Garrett proves that America’s drug problem is exactly that: America’s problem; David Eagleman draws useful lesson’s from an ancient fable; Chuck Klosterman talks about the ups and downs of his long journalism career; Virginia Heffernan reminds us that the... Continue Reading →
the lavin weekly | Aug 18th, 2017

The Lavin Weekly: American Violence, Problem Prosecutors, A Talk With Teju Cole, Women in STEM, and How to Live Longer

The Lavin Weekly is a round-up of our favourite speaker stories of the week. Sometimes our Lavin Speakers are the writers, sometimes they’re the subjects, but always they’re making the world a smarter place.  This week Rich Benjamin weighs in on Charlottesville; Emily Bazelon exposes a disturbing... Continue Reading →
the lavin weekly | Aug 14th, 2017

The Lavin Weekly: The “Anti-White Bias,” Ageism, Meaning at Work, America’s Rogue Populace, & A Collaboration for Trans Rights

Our busy speakers are always making the news, both literally and figuratively. The Lavin Weekly is a handy curation of our favourite speaker stories of the week; stories in which we see our speakers doing what they do best: making the world a smarter place.  Last week we had Nikole Hannah-Jones’... Continue Reading →