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retail | Jan 11th, 2017

How Did Maureen Chiquet Lead Chanel Through a Decade of Disruption?

We don’t often think of empathy and collaboration as intrinsic to heading a thriving global business. But when Maureen Chiquet led Chanel through one of the most tumultuous eras in retail—and grew the company threefold, no less—it was this overlooked skillset that allowed them to evolve. Chiquet... Continue Reading →
retail | May 30th, 2016

New Videos: Adam Alter Breaks Down Consumer Choices

Adam Alter is fascinated by the decisions we make. Why do we buy certain products and ignore others? How do environmental cues—everything from the weather to colours to geography—shape our moods and interactions? In his New York Times bestseller Drunk Tank Pink, and in thought-provoking keynotes,... Continue Reading →
retail | Mar 20th, 2016

“The Store Is Becoming Media”: Douglas Stephens at the Dx3 Retail Conference

Earlier this month, sales speaker Douglas Stephens served as curator of Toronto’s Dx3 Retail Conference—a showcase of exciting software advancements for brick and mortar retailers looking to make in-store shopping more appealing. As online purchasing becomes easier, retailers and marketers have to... Continue Reading →
retail | Dec 13th, 2015

#AskASpeaker #6: Twitter Q&A with Douglas Stephens

On Thursday, December 10, we held our sixth #AskASpeaker Q&A on Twitter, and for this edition, we welcomed author and consumer futurist—and founder of Retail Prophet—Douglas Stephens. Stephens offers fully customizable, deeply researched keynotes for audiences who want to stay ahead of important... Continue Reading →
retail | Nov 24th, 2014

Black Friday Not a Deal for Companies, or Consumers: Retail Speaker Douglas Stephens

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, retailers are gearing up for the biggest shopping event of the season: Black Friday. Retail futurist Douglas Stephens is examining this relatively new trend, and how it has crept up across the U.S. border into Canada. "It's morphed into a real circus, to be... Continue Reading →
retail | Mar 27th, 2013

Revitalize The In-Store Experience To Combat Showrooming: Doug Stephens

While it's true that "showrooming" has become a hot-button issue in the retail world, retail speaker Doug Stephens says it doesn't necessarily mean the end of traditional stores as we know them. It just means that retailers have to be more inventive and give customers something unique to combat this... Continue Reading →
retail | Mar 17th, 2013

Doug Stephens: Win—Don't Buy—The Consumer's Attention [VIDEO]

"In 1965, all you needed was 3 commercials in prime time to reach 80 per cent of the audience," retail speaker Douglas Stephens says in a recent keynote. "No wonder ad guys were doing so well." The old mass media allowed average brands to achieve above average results, he says, because all you had... Continue Reading →
retail | Mar 3rd, 2013

Doug Stephens Launches His New Book, The Retail Revival

Friday marked the launch of retail speaker Doug Stephens' book, The Retail Revival: Re-Imagining Business for the New Age of Consumerism. We were there to celebrate with Doug, and got a good look at the release, which examines the rapidly reforming market landscape and offers insights on how... Continue Reading →
retail | Nov 25th, 2012

Douglas Stephens: Customer Service Can Counteract "Showrooming"

"We live in a very, very hyper-connected world," retail speaker Douglas Stephens explains. "The consumer has as much computing power at the end of their fingertips right now than we did in the first space shuttle." What is the biggest change that this access to technology has brought to the retail... Continue Reading →
retail | Jul 2nd, 2012

Charles Fishman Looks Back at 50 Years of Wal-Mart

In a recent article on the 50-year anniversary of Walmart, Time magazine turned to retail speaker Charles Fishman for examples of just how much the mega-retailer has changed the landscape of American business, and America itself. Fishman compares Walmart's earnings to its nearest retail competitor,... Continue Reading →
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