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leadership | May 30th, 2017

Fort McMurray’s Former Fire Chief Darby Allen Reflects on the People Who Stood by Him During the Historic Blaze

One year after the fire that nearly consumed the city of Fort McMurray, Alberta—and certainly gripped the nation—former Fire Chief Darby Allen speaks poignantly on the people who worked with him to save lives and provide aid in the midst of crisis. In light of his accomplishments, on May 29, Allen... Continue Reading →
leadership | May 5th, 2017

“Brands that do well have a purpose”: Maureen Chiquet on Promoting Active and Conscious Leadership

“A lot of what women have been presented as a model is about perfection,” says Maureen Chiquet in a recent New York Times profile. Now, the author of Beyond the Label and former CEO of  fashion atelier Chanel speaks about finding purpose rather than perfection. Shortly after leaving her position... Continue Reading →
leadership | Mar 8th, 2017

Major MJ Hegar Discusses Shoot Like a Girl on NPR’s Fresh Air and CBS This Morning

Purple Heart-decorated Major MJ Hegar steered her Medevac helicopter to safety after taking a bullet in the arm behind enemy lines. In the newly-released memoir Shoot Like a Girl, Hegar tells how she then won a historic lawsuit, transforming the role of women in the military forever. Soldier,... Continue Reading →
leadership | Feb 22nd, 2017

How Fire Chief Darby Allen Guided Fort McMurray Through the Costliest Disaster, and Largest Evacuation, in Canadian History

How can you be your best, most resilient self when faced with a crisis? Fire chief Darby Allen—known as the human face of the Fort McMurray wildfires of 2016, Canada’s costliest natural disaster—draws on his long career to show how to be a stoic, quick-thinking leader in tough situations.  During... Continue Reading →
leadership | Oct 3rd, 2016

Angelina Jolie in Talks to Star in Film Version of Maj. MJ Hegar’s Memoir

Major news! Angelina Jolie is in talks to star in the upcoming film Shoot Like a Girl: the big-screen adaptation of Lavin speaker Maj. MJ Hegar’s memoir of the same name.   Entertainment Weekly reports:   “The actress and filmmaker is in talks to star in Shoot Like a Girl, an adaptation of... Continue Reading →
leadership | Aug 31st, 2016

Have the Courage to Listen: Rev. Jeffrey Brown and the Boston Miracle

In the late 1980s and early 90s, Boston was overrun with youth violence. Gun trafficking and gang activity ran rampant, and between 1987 and 1990, the youth homicide rate more than tripled. But beginning in 1990, the trend began a curious reversal, and over the next nine years, youth violent crime... Continue Reading →
leadership | Aug 19th, 2015

“We Can End the Era of Violence in Our Cities”: Rev. Jeffrey Brown at TED2015

New Lavin speaker Rev. Jeffrey Brown received a standing ovation for his recent talk at TED2015. In this potent presentation, Brown—one of the primary architects of “The Boston Miracle,” which saw violent crime in the city drop by a whopping 79 percent—shares how ending violence demands an... Continue Reading →
leadership | Nov 30th, 2014

Leaving the League in Better Shape: Mark Cohon, CFL Commissioner

This past weekend's Grey Cup celebrations marked the end of Mark Cohon's masterful reign as Canadian Football League Commissioner. Writing on his legacy, the country's national newspapers offered their assessments. "The CFL was lucky to have him," writes The National Post. " A lot of good happened... Continue Reading →
leadership | Jun 2nd, 2014

Bonnie Brooks, Vice Chairman of The Bay, Joins Lavin as a New Exclusive Speaker

We are so thrilled to announce that Bonnie Brooks, Vice Chairman of Hudson's Bay Company, has joined Lavin as a new exclusive speaker! Bonnie Brooks has restored Canada’s great department store, Hudson's Bay Co., to its rightful place as a world-class retailer. As its first female CEO, Brooks led... Continue Reading →
leadership | Oct 3rd, 2013

The Happiness Advantage: Speaker Shawn Achor On Positivity & Success

Shawn Achor, a popular leadership speaker, wants you to change your opinion on not only happiness, but also, and consequently, the way you view education, business, and personal growth. Is his hilarious and insightful TEDx Talk (embedded above), the Good Think, Inc. CEO says the formula to success... Continue Reading →
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