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environment | Apr 12th, 2017

Shalini Kantayya at TED: The Future of The American Dream is Green

“Saving our environment doesn’t come at the cost of jobs and the economy,” says filmmaker, environmentalist, and TED Fellow Shalini KantayYa in her newest TED Residency talk. Instead, she says, we need to think about cultivating a clean future, while creating opportunities today. “The idea of... Continue Reading →
environment | Aug 24th, 2016

What Are You Reading?: Adam Briggle Makes Two Recommendations

What are the ideas and voices informing our most exciting keynote speakers? This week, we reached out to Adam Briggle, Lavin environment speaker, grassroots leader, and author of A Field Philosopher’s Guide to Fracking, and asked him a simple question: what are you reading? As it turns out, Briggle... Continue Reading →
environment | Jun 24th, 2016

It’s Easy Being Green: Lavin Speakers Talk Technology and Sustainability

Melting ice caps. Rising sea levels. Steadily mounting temperatures. The fallout from industrialization has been significant, and climate change is here. But is there still time to change our fate? A new generation of thinkers—of entrepreneurs, innovators, and inventors—are changing the way we look... Continue Reading →
environment | Jun 16th, 2016

Trash Is for Tossers: Introducing New Speaker Lauren Singer

In the past four years, Lauren Singer has fit all her garbage into a 16 oz mason jar. No, there’s no magic at work here: Singer lives what she calls a Zero Waste lifestyle—she shops package free, makes her own cleaning products, toothpaste, and deodorant, composts, and (as a last resort) recycles,... Continue Reading →
environment | Mar 29th, 2016

A Philosopher Confronts Climate Change: Introducing New Speaker Adam Briggle

New technology allows for ever-quicker and more efficient ways of harnessing energy. But in our ongoing pursuit of cheaper resources, are we ignoring the potential for environmental damage? In other words, has our ability to innovate outstripped our capacity to think long-term? To Adam Briggle,... Continue Reading →
environment | Mar 16th, 2016

“Energy Policy Is Social Policy”: Shalini Kantayya’s Catching the Sun

In eco-activist and educator Shalini Kantayya’s new film Catching the Sun, audiences get an inside look at America’s green-energy industry and the people driving it. Focused on workers at a solar power jobs training program in Richmond, California, Catching the Sun poses one of the most important... Continue Reading →
environment | Feb 22nd, 2016

First Look: Edward O. Wilson’s New Book, Half-Earth

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to imagine the state of biology and natural science without Edward O. Wilson. The author of over 30 groundbreaking books—and the winner of two Pulitzer Prizes—Wilson is one our most pre-eminent environmentalists. Known as the father of sociobiology and biodiversity... Continue Reading →
environment | Dec 22nd, 2015

Life Is Not a Spectator Sport: Camille Seaman on Saving the Planet

Award-winning photographer and TED Fellow Camille Seaman has written a short, poignant plea for anyone still “on the sidelines” to act now, with purpose and conviction, to help save our planet. “We need you,” she writes, to all those still unsure of how to act, or those who assume no personal... Continue Reading →
environment | Nov 11th, 2015

A Leap of the Human Imagination: Shalini Kantayya on Solar Energy

Check out Lavin keynote speaker, filmmaker, and eco-activist Shalini Kantayya in a Second Screen Interview clip from the National Geographic Channel’s Breakthrough. With infectious optimism, Kantayya describes a world no longer dependent on fossil fuels: a more peaceful, cleaner, sustainable planet... Continue Reading →
environment | Oct 28th, 2015

Greenland’s Vanishing Ice Sheet: Laurence C. Smith in The New York Times

The ice sheet covering Greenland is melting—fast. Lakes and river networks crisscross its vast surface, draining into the ocean and expediting the melt. And this past summer, climate expert Dr. Laurence C. Smith—author of The World in 2050, head of the geography department at the University of... Continue Reading →
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