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business strategy | Dec 2nd, 2016

American Business Under Trump: Randall Lane, Editor of Forbes, on Innovation and Ingenuity under the New Presidency

How will business fare under Trump? How will this new government affect entrepreneurship, tech, and innovation across the nation, from Silicon Valley to Middle-America to Wall Street? Randall Lane—editor of Forbes, one of the world’s most respected magazines on business and innovation—explores what... Continue Reading →
motivational | Nov 30th, 2016

Be Better — and Happier — in Business, Sports, and Life. Read Ryan Holiday’s New Bestseller, The Daily Stoic

Motivational speaker Ryan Holiday’s newest book is The Daily Stoic, a collection of 366 stoic insights and exercises geared at helping you be better in all domains. An instant Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller, Stoic distills the teachings of Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Epictetus, and... Continue Reading →
authors | Nov 29th, 2016

Two Lavin Speakers Named to Time’s Top 10 Nonfiction — Margot Lee Shetterly’s Hidden Figures & Teju Cole’s Known and Strange Things

Time’s Top 10 lists for 2016 are out, and the Nonfiction Books category features two Lavin speakers: Margot Lee Shetterly for her true-but-untold space-race history Hidden Figures and Teju Cole for his remarkable essay collection Known and Strange Things. Shetterly’s Hidden Figures chronicles the... Continue Reading →
economics | Nov 29th, 2016

Where Do We Really Stand on Hot-Button Issues? Just Ask Shachi Kurl, Executive Director of the Angus Reid Institute

Which issues—political, economic, or cultural—do we really care about in 2016? In lively talks, and with a down-to-earth “kitchen table” approach, Angus Reid Executive Director Shachi Kurl tells us what we truly think—and where we’re headed.  Kurl has her finger firmly on the pulse of public... Continue Reading →
lavin weekly | Nov 25th, 2016

Lavin Weekly: Fallows on China’s Mounting Repressiveness, Ford on Job-Stealing Robots, & Sax on Analog Spaces in Digital Companies

Is China moving backward in terms of civil liberties? Are trade and globalization really to blame for shrinking manufacturing jobs, or is there something else at play? Why do digital companies thrive on analog resources, like whiteboards and face-to-face conversation? It’s all here, in today’s... Continue Reading →
diversity & race | Nov 24th, 2016

“We need new heroes”—Time Features Margot Lee Shetterly’s Hidden Figures, the Untold Story of NASA’s Black Female Mathematicians

Margot Lee Shetterly’s Hidden Figures, the incredible true story of the black women mathematicians who helped America win the space race, is the subject of a lengthy feature in the latest issue of Time. The book is an instant bestseller, the film a star-studded affair out this Christmas, and the... Continue Reading →
design | Nov 24th, 2016

The Next Revolution in Design? It’s 4D Printing—and Skylar Tibbits’s New Self-Assembly Lab Is the Perfect Guidebook.

Skylar Tibbits is leading the next design revolution. In his Self-Assembly Lab at MIT, he’s on the cutting edge of what he calls 4D printing (think: objects that adapt to their surroundings like living things—and create endless possibilities for construction, manufacturing, and infrastructure in... Continue Reading →
motivational | Nov 22nd, 2016

Want to Be Happy? You Don’t Have to Be So Positive All the Time. How This Refreshing Advice Worked for Mark Manson.

MARK MANSON’s approach to happiness and motivation is refreshingly direct: Focus on what truly matters; ignore the noise; and learn what to actually care about. He’s the author of the NYT bestseller The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, a blogger on a mission, and a hilarious, iconoclastic speaker.... Continue Reading →
religion | Nov 18th, 2016

An Interfaith Couple Explains Trump to Their Kids — Reza Aslan & Jessica Jackley Choose Tolerance

As an interfaith, interracial family, Reza Aslan and Jessica Jackley were at a loss to explain Trump’s win to their young kids. But their eldest child already knew exactly what to say: “The way we defeat bad guys is by loving them so they become good guys.” Reza Aslan is a NYT bestselling author... Continue Reading →
digital | Nov 16th, 2016

Can We Imagine Social Media as Biology—As a Living Thing? Michael Casey’s New Book The Social Organism

In his new book, The Social Organism, out yesterday, fintech expert Michael Casey proposes an intriguing theory: that social media “functions on every level like a living organism.” But what does this mean, for both individuals and organizations? And how does it change our understanding of digital... Continue Reading →
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