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exclusives | Jul 29th, 2016

Lavin Weekly #48: Leibovich, Singer, Crabapple

1. “For This Election, Do It Anyway”: Mark Leibovich on The Daily Show    Last night, Chief National Correspondent for the NYT Magazine Mark Leibovich joined Trevor Noah on The Daily Show to discuss Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Convention (which Leibovich described as... Continue Reading →
| Jul 27th, 2016

The 12th Floor: Meet Sumin from the Toronto Office

In The 12th Floor series, Lavin’s Spencer Gordon interviews the many fantastic individuals who make up the team here at our head office in Toronto, Canada. The Lavin Agency relies on its creative, intelligent, and passionate staff to represent its roster of world-changing speakers. Here you’ll get... Continue Reading →
exclusives | Jul 22nd, 2016

Lavin Weekly #47: Leibovich, Heffernan, Wood, & Stephens

1. Under the RNC Big Top with Mark Leibovich    Writing from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, NYT Magazine’s chief national correspondent Mark Leibovich has produced two new articles. In the first, he admires Ted Cruz’s refusal to endorse Donald Trump during his speech last night... Continue Reading →
public health | Jul 20th, 2016

Timely Diagnoses: Laurie Garrett Assesses Zika and Global Health for CFR

Few global health journalists are as esteemed as Laurie Garrett. The recipient of all three P’s of journalism—the Pulitzer, the Polk, and the Peabody—she has been an authority on infectious disease and public health for decades. But Garrett doesn’t see global health issues in a vacuum. She’s a... Continue Reading →
diversity & race | Jul 19th, 2016

Exclusive: TED Speaker Rich Benjamin Reacts to Dallas, Baton Rouge, Minnesota

Diversity speaker and author of Searching for Whitopia Rich Benjamin is one of the most insightful voices on race and shifting demographics in America. After the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012, Benjamin took to The New York Times to denounce America’s growing gated-community mentality. The... Continue Reading →
behavioural economics | Jul 18th, 2016

New Videos: Elizabeth Dunn and the Science of Spending

To Happy Money author Dr. Elizabeth Dunn, money can buy happiness—if we’re spending it correctly. Dunn is a much-cited happiness researcher, which is exactly what it sounds like: operating out of UBC’s Department of Psychology, she conducts original research into the ways individuals and... Continue Reading →
exclusives | Jul 15th, 2016

Lavin Weekly #46: Garrett, Pinker, & Nair

1. Brexit Fallout Goes Beyond Politics: Laurie Garrett for Foreign Policy  Britain’s decision to secede from the EU is, on the surface, a move with definite political and economic repercussions. But in Foreign Policy, public health speaker Laurie Garrett argues that Brexit is also a major global... Continue Reading →
business strategy | Jul 14th, 2016

Beyond the Bottom Line: Lavin Speakers on Customer-Centricity

In sales and in marketing, we’re always thinking of the bottom line. But often—and as these Lavin keynote speakers reveal—if we place our customers’ needs first, ROI will follow. Moreover, as your reputation as a customer-centric business grows, your company’s image will flourish. And in the age of... Continue Reading →
visual artists | Jul 13th, 2016

Candy Chang’s Installations at Athens’ Onassis Cultural Centre

Candy Chang’s participatory art installations, including the wildly popular “Before I Die,” (called “one of the most creative community projects ever” by The Atlantic) are now on display at the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens, Greece. Her works, which began their Athens run with “School of the... Continue Reading →
diversity & race | Jul 11th, 2016

After Dallas: Hannah-Jones, Brown, Cobb on Recovery & Unity

Another spate of shootings, and we again find ourselves confused, hurt, and outraged. Baton Rouge, Minnesota, and Dallas, formerly places on a map, are now bywords for wider issues of police brutality, civil rights, and gun control. We mourn the lives lost in all three shootings, and brace... Continue Reading →
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