book release | February 14, 2011

Orange is the New Green: Sustainability Speaker Alex Steffen Releases Worldchanging 2.0

A new edition of Worldchanging — edited by sustainability speaker Alex Steffen — is already the #1 environmental book at, based on pre-orders alone. The demand is that high. This second edition of Steffen’s monumental anthology, with a deep focus on cities, promises to be nothing less than “the global sustainability movement redefined.” Besides reworking the now-iconic cover — which swaps out mint green for a vibrant orange, and replaces a bird with a bee (very timely!) — the contents of Worldchanging 2.0 are “so substantially reworked that it might as well be thought of as an entirely different book.” (Fellow sustainability speaker Bill McKibben offers a new intro; Al Gore wrote the intro for version 1.0.)

More from Alex Steffen and Worldchanging:
This is a time for thinking in terms of scope, scale and speed. Subsequently, we’ve taken out almost all the guides to small steps, better shopping and behavior change. We’ve added hundreds of new and updated entries on building a bright green future, from the very basic systems of life all the way up to planetary thinking.

Worldchanging 2.0
is an urban book, focusing on cities and the systems we need to change to make them carbon-neutral, zero-waste, walkable and equitable engines of prosperity. It’s an ambitious book, full of the kinds of bold thinking we need to engage with to build a truly bright green future: climate foresight and planetary thinking; sustainable design innovations and passivhaus buildings; walksheds, ubiquitous technology and sharing systems; biomimicry and green chemistry; adaptive re-use and rugged green infrastructure; telling the backstories of the things we buy, making transparent the functioning of our governments and rebuilding the ruins of the unsustainable. On a planet hurtling towards not only a population of 9 billion people, almost all living in or around cities, facing a massive ecological crisis and an unfaltering technological revolution, ideas like the ones in Worldchanging are no longer just provocative, they’re essential. Worldchanging is a guide to building (and living in) bright green cities. Now, not in some distant, perfect future.

The new Worldchanging features a foreword by green jobs pioneer Van Jones, an introduction by 350 founder Bill McKibben and entries by scores of Worldchanging’s insightful thinkers, journalists and designers. It is optimistic, clear-headed, solutions-oriented; both visionary and practical.

Worldchanging 2.0
 is the definitive result of seven years of global solutions-based journalism. It’s a wild, ambitious, imperfect and energetic book, and the best summation of the Worldchanging project we knew how to create. And though Stefan Sagmeister’s new design is gorgeous, we hope the ideas inside are what make this a book you read and return to and use to drive your own creativity and solutions.

may not change your life, but it may change how you design your future.

hits the shelves in the U.S., U.K. and Canada March 1st. It is already available for discount pre-order at Powell’s, Barnes and Noble, Borders and Amazon.

As with our last book, we’re depending on word of mouth and reader recommendations to spread the word — if anything, the fact that Worldchanging is now closed and the promotions effort is all-volunteer makes your support even more critical. So we hope that you’ll share this news with others (blog it, tweet it ( @AlexSteffen for regular updates), join the Worldchanging Facebook group, or just tell your friends you’re excited to read it). Once you’ve had a chance to read the book, we’d appreciate your positive reviews on all these sites, as well, of course. Let’s change the world.

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