new speaker | January 30, 2012

Obama's Former Body Man, Reggie Love, on Leadership and Politics

The Lavin Agency is pleased to announce as our newest speaker Reggie Love—a young man who, over the past four years, has arguably spent more time with President Barack Obama than anyone else on earth. Love held the highly coveted role of Obama’s body man, a position The New York Times describes as "personal aide, shadow, caretaker, basketball buddy and roving diplomat." Recently, Love, like many young people today, made the tough decision to leave his job in order to continue his education. He is now pursuing his MBA at Wharton, but his time with the leader of the free world has imparted him with unparalleled knowledge on leadership, democracy, and government—lending his keynotes even wider appeal during this hotly-contested election year.

On stage, Love shares stories from Obama's presidency with his classic Southern charm. His nearly five years with the President have taught him timeless—yet timely—lessons on collaboration, crisis management and leadership in the 21st Century. With a front-row seat at the highest level of decision making, Love knows what makes a leader great, whether in the corporate or public sector. A witness to the shift in democratic engagement that led to Obama's historic election victory, Love also offers a rousing call to students to shape both their future and the shared future of America by actively participating in their democracy. Debunking misconceptions about government and public life, he holds an optimistic and non-partisan view of the future of government. Social change can occur, he believes, as long as each of us commits to changing it.