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New in Paperback: Lisa Shannon's A Thousand Sisters

Lisa Shannon’s memoir A Thousand Sisters, about her journey to help women in the Congo at enormous personal cost, is now out in paperback. Since its release, Lisa has been named to Oprah Magazine’s Power List, profiled on ABC’s World News Tonight, and championed by Nicholas Kristof in both his Op-Ed column and his New York Times Magazine cover story on what he dubs “The D.I.Y. Foreign Aid Revolution.” A passionate speaker on women’s rights and education, Lisa is now working on her second book.

From Lisa Shannon, on writing A Thousand Sisters:
I had a great life – a successful business, a fiancé, a home, and security. But in the wake of my Dad’s death, and soon-to-be thirty years old, I found myself depressed, camped out in my living room watching Oprah. It was there that I learned about Congo, widely called the worst place on earth to be a woman. Awakened to the atrocities – millions dead, women being raped and tortured, children starving and dying in shocking numbers – I had to do something.

A Thousand Sisters chronicles how I raised sponsorships for Congolese women, beginning with a solo 30-mile run, and then founded Run for Congo Women. Despite countless warnings, with no credentials, I abandon my quickly collapsing home life and plunge into an unlikely lone journey through eastern Congo on a mission to ignite a movement for the world’s most forgotten women, to meet hundreds of my sponsored “sisters,” and hear their stories firsthand. But in a place where no man with a gun is the good guy, I confront militias, massacres, murder cover-ups, and unspeakable horror. Along the way I am forced to learn lessons of survival, fear, gratitude, and love from the women of Congo. A Thousand Sisters is a portrait of the world’s deadliest war through the intimate lens of friendship. It is a story of passion, hope, and my journey to carve out human bonds that cannot be touched by terror.

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