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Living Two Lives: Alexandra Samuel Speaks At TEDx On The Online Migration

"Right now we're in the middle of one of the largest migrations in human history," Alexandra Samuel told her audience at TEDxSFU. What's unique about that migration is that it's not a movement of physical bodies, but rather, of human consciousness. And where is that migration taking place? It's happening worldwide—when people move out of the offline space and into the online world. If you're having trouble visualizing how massive this shift truly is, Samuel points out that Americans alone spent over 124 billion hours online last year. And, she predicts that this year the world will spend over a trillion hours in cyberspace.

"When this migration is over we're really going to be living in two worlds," Samuel says. This is extremely different than migrations of the past in that we can shift easily between our life on the Internet and our life in the offline world. We can quickly check our email and then go for a walk in the woods—a kind of movement not easily permitted in physical migrations of the past. Because of this, we have to think critically about the way we interact online and offline, and manage the time we spend in both. The time to make those assessments is now, Samuel argues, before our lives shift even further into the online realm.

Samuel is currently the Vice President of Social Media at Vision Critical and a regular blogger for the Harvard Business Review. Her work involves teaching clients how to navigate the digital space and maximize their time online. In her keynotes, she offers intriguing insight on the direction technology is heading—and how you can not only keep up, but make the most out of all that these advancements have to offer.

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