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Leadership Speaker Rick Hillier: Steering Your Team To Success [VIDEO]

Retired General Rick Hillier, the former Canadian Chief of Defence staff, says that anyone has the potential to be a great leader—they just have to put in the work to do so. "You have to work hard, study, and learn from your mistakes," he says in a recent interview, adding that even the greatest natural-born leaders have to perfect their skills over time. Everyone can become a better leader, he explains, and it is important to not only work on new strategies to lead more effectively, but to focus your energy on those who make your organization successful. Don't spend the bulk of your time focused on the 5 per cent of your team not contributing to the overall goals of the organization, he advises. Instead, concentrate 95 per cent of your time on the 95 per cent of people who are productive, contributing members of the group. He suggests helping those who are struggling to reach their potential, but warns that you must be swift to remove them from your organization if they do not, so they don't pull down everyone else.

Further, he explains that the people who make the organization better are often the same people who look to a good leader to motivate them. "Leaders give people the opportunity to achieve," he says in the Farm Credit Canada interveiew, and "leaders practice strategic framework for others to succeed." People look for a greater purpose, General Hillier explains, and they want someone to lead them toward that goal. A good leader will help your team members realize their place in the organization, and provide them with concrete solutions on how to make an impact.

General Hillier is an expert on leading organizations to victory. Serving over three decades in the Canadian armed forces, he has commanded troops at all levels of rank in a wide range of high-pressure situations across the globe. He draws from his experiences as both a solider and as the chief of defence in his book, Leadership: 50 Points of Wisdom for Today's Leaders, and in his in-demand leadership speeches. Highly respected and deeply relatable, General Hillier provides people in all industries with effective strategies on how to lead a team to success.

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