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Juliette LaMontagne's Project Breaker Goes Beyond The Classroom [VIDEO]

Juliette LaMontagne is one of today's leading educational trailblazers. She champions the power of engagement and encourages first-hand learning to get young people today involved in solving the problems of tomorrow. Her Project Breaker looks to reinvent the traditional education system, and help aspiring youth better use their talents to create projects with real-world impacts. 

"Young people are seeking out and in some cases creating their own alternative learning experiences," she says, "they're looking for opportunities to learn by doing, to contribute to meaningful work, and to apply their skills outside of traditional education settings." As this short documentary shows, Breaker is helping willing candidates do just that. In the video, past participants of LaMontagne's program describe the experience and the work that she does as "enlightening, challenging, and essential."

LaMontagne, a TED Fellow, pairs budding entrepreneurs (no experience necessary!) with champions in business. The groups are then given a project to complete that has the potential to truly make big changes in the world. The purpose? To bring fresh eyes to old problems, help mold the next generation of entrepreneurs, and give young people the skills and experience they need to be successful. In her talks, she passionately speaks to the importance of taking learning outside of the classroom, and promotes the transformative effect that hands-on education can have on students.

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